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Facility Management Work Order Solution

What is a Facility Management Work Order Solution and what should you consider? Today’s leading Facility Management experts seem to be offering many of the same tips and guidelines pertaining to selecting and implementing the Facility Management work order solution software that is the best for your organization.  These software applications are also known across the industry as CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Systems).   However you choose to refer to this type of solution, one thing [...]

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Product Roadmap …helpful or not ?

In today's world of rapidly changing technology, there seem to be lots of conflicting ideas surrounding software product roadmap.   Some industry experts are of the opinion that charting a course for your application and sharing it with your customers is a wonderful idea.  Others say that creating such a product roadmap and sharing it outside of one's own organization is a recipe for disaster.    Several blog posts stated that by the time the new feature is [...]

Customer Service Software System

Getting the MOST out of your Service Software System. We all love the happy day when we get a new ‘toy'.  Be it a new cell phone, computer, pda, or software system application, it is fun to explore all of the cool ‘bells and whistles'.  As time goes on though, we become familiar with our ‘toys' and use them mostly for our basic needs. As a software system development company, we see this time and [...]

Doing more with less – Novo’s Knowledge Base Software is Intellectual Capital

I read an interesting article about organizations struggling with the current economy and the impact it is having on their workforce. We see it happening all around us. Experienced workers who carry the highest cost burden are shed to stabilize the financial health of the company. But as these workers walk out the door, so does much of the intellectual capital of the enterprise. What can companies to mitigate the blow? We speak to organizations [...]

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