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How IoT Sensors are Connected with Water Asset Management

Asset management can benefit greatly from the technology available to us today. These technologies allow us to simplify our jobs, manage assets more effectively, and can help cut costs in the long run. Technology, like IoT devices, plays an important part in our society, including in government organizations and businesses. One type of IoT device that is becoming vital in asset management is sensors. IoT sensors are commonly used in asset management today, including in [...]

What Does the Management Part of Work Order Management Software Truly Mean?

While managing large municipality projects, Municipal Public Works and Utility Directors are responsible for vast amounts of infrastructure assets. For example, parks, street signs, waterworks, and several other assets fall under their charge. These resources all require regular maintenance and each maintenance job requires a separate work order. Fortunately, individuals and teams can utilize work order management software to manage and track it all. There are numerous benefits to this type of software, but before [...]

Asset Management Software for Water Utilities

          Every municipality depends on efficient asset management for water utilities. These assets are bound to need maintenance and repairs now and then. Your municipality needs a reliable system to ensure you have the tools to oversee your water utility properly. The ShareNet Municipal Operations Management system provides municipalities with asset management software for water utilities that helps them get the most out of their assets. Learn more about [...]

Geospatial Asset Management

In any municipality, most assets are location-based, such as water distribution, wastewater collection, stormwater, roads, and street signs. While you may have plenty of other assets that don’t have a location, most of them are likely permanently based in one specific area. Managing these location-based assets can often be a challenge for municipalities. This is where geospatial asset management with the ShareNet Asset Management Software comes in handy. Asset Management is part of the ShareNet [...]

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