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IT Asset Tracking Software — 5 Steps to Manage

You may not think of your business as having a lot of assets, but when you factor in items such as furniture and equipment along with your IT, you may have a large amount of investment just lying around.  Knowing what assets you have and where they are located can save you money by optimizing their use.  IT asset tracking can ensure you manage your assets effectively. Here are 5 steps to effectively manage your [...]

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Simplify With an Asset Management App

One of the big problems with managing assets is keeping asset records up-to-date.  And if the asset records are not accurate, they are not only worthless but can cost you money and lost time.  The proper management of assets allows you to know the location and condition of your assets, maximizing productivity and return on investment.   That's why it's more important than ever to have an asset management app. So, why don't you have an [...]

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Asset Management Software – Not Just for IT!

IT managers know the benefits of asset management software.  It is an essential tool for tracking and managing computer hardware and related equipment.  But today’s asset management software goes far beyond IT to keep track of valuable assets. Here are just some of the items you can track using a standard asset management software application: Office furniture Fixtures & Equipment Vehicles, Trailers, Buildings Tools Basically any kind of physical equipment Asset management software will help [...]

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Goodbye Spreadsheets..Hello Asset Systems

With the advance of technology, businesses find themselves with more equipment to keep track of than ever before.  Knowing where your assets are located and who is using them is essential to saving time and reducing costs.  Spreadsheets have long been a tried and true way of tracking assets. Assets could be itemized, and simple reporting could be done to help track purchase and depreciation costs.  Today,  more and more companies are turning to asset [...]

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Cloud Asset Management Software

Today, more than ever, people need effective ways to track their IT, equipment, vehicles and other business assets.  On any given day we are contacted by people looking for a better solution than spreadsheet management or an inferior tool they may be using to get by.  It is easy to see why.  The costs associated with managing assets have to be considered as much as initial purchase costs.  Cloud Asset Management is a trend that [...]

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Request Tracking Software – People, Issues & Assets

When You Need to Track: Request Tracking -People, Issues & Assets Part III Almost like Dorothy sings in the Wizard of Oz... Lions, Tigers, and Bears Oh My, over and over to convince herself - request tracking can have you repeating yourself in more ways than one.  Over the past couple weeks, we have looked at the benefits of bringing help desk software out of IT and into the workplace.  Here is another great example [...]

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Asset Management Solution – It’s About Keeping Track!

The Asset Management Solution More and more people are looking for ways to keep track of their company assets.  Here at Novo almost every day we are contacted by folks who are looking for a better asset management solution than spreadsheet management or a homegrown tool they may have.  It’s easy to see why.  There are costs to managing assets as well as initial purchase costs. For example, you may need to know information such [...]

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Asset Management Program- They Work!

Will an Asset Management Program Work for You? It feels like no matter the time of year, most of us are reviewing our businesses to learn where we are growing or declining, and determining what we need to improve.  Whether you're experiencing the best or worst year ever, all businesses either need to improve efficiency or reduce costs (or both).  In times like these, having the right people and resources in place can make or [...]

Novo Software…Your Port in the Storm

The past couple weeks have been eventful here in Virginia (our office is located in Virginia Beach, Virginia).  First, we had an earthquake – the first in our region in decades.  Following that, we had a hurricane.  We are grateful to have fared well throughout the storms and pray our customers did as well.  Let Novo Software be your port in the storm. All of this has us thinking about disaster preparedness.  We just never [...]

Small Business | Asset Management Solutions

Many small businesses today think that asset management software is only for large organizations with thousands of assets.  Well, think again! Small businesses can benefit from tracking solutions that manage company assets. Small businesses have the same business management needs as large companies – just on a smaller scale.  They have: Office furniture – desks, chairs, misc. furniture Office equipment – computers, monitors, printers, telephones Assigned technology– laptops, cell phones, blackberry’s, notepads Other – smart [...]