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community associationWhen you signed on as condo association board member you probably had no idea what you were getting into, I mean how hard can few meetings once in a while be?  If you’re beginning to wonder how community association management became so disorganized, you’re not alone.   Messy management creates a whole set of new problems.  So, how can you tackle community association management responsibilities, increase owner and board satisfaction and not make yourself crazy in the process?


To begin with, take a look at this the general list of community association management responsibilities:

  • Approve repairs and maintenance of the condo association common property, grounds, and amenities.
  • Track and forecast expenses for future projects.
  • Advise the property management company or maintenance personnel of service requests.
  • Be a liaison between owners, board members, staff, and property managers.
  • Keep detailed records of board meeting minutes and make available to condo owners.
  • Consider suggestions, requests, and grievances of your condo association owners.
  • Lease and maintain common areas and amenities.
  • Make by-laws, assessments, and other important documentation accessible to residents and the board in a reasonable time frame.


Overwhelmed?  What if you could tackle all of the above and do it well with less headache? Specifically-

  • Approve repairs and maintenance straight from your mobile device.
  • Automatically schedule reports to help forecast improvements.
  • Automatically send service requests to property management after approval.
  • Residents have around the clock access to information they need, request status, amenity requests, and more.
  • Board minutes are immediately ready and accessible to residents.
  • Residents can submit suggestions and complaints without flagging you down in the parking lot.
  • Manage amenity bookings, usage, and maintenance with a click of a button.
  • All important documentation is available online to residents and board members with permission-based security protocols.

From documents to service requests, managing the day-to-day as a condo board member can be exhausting and stressful.  And when our volunteer positions give us stress we tend to give up.  All hope isn’t lost, with community association management software, you’re basically buying yourself time.  Automating some of your condo management responsibilities gives you more time to focus on people and managing the community you love, and less on the daily community association grind.  Ready to learn more?  Check out the Novo Solutions Community Manager or contact us today to learn more.