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So what ‘business’ shape are you in these days?  The economy is stretching us all in many ways; we are stretching our dollars, bending over backwards to satisfy customers, extending the life cycle of equipment, and broadening our horizons for new sales prospects. Do you have the same expectations of your support software?

One of the features that our customers like best about the Novo software is its flexibility and adaptability.  This makes it a great fit for small or large organizations, and because it is highly customizable it works well in multiple departments within the same organization.  Human Resources can customize their settings – IT their own, and so on, with each department maintaining the security of their data.  The flexibility of the interface allows each department to customize what needs to be displayed to their department’s workers, so while they all may share the central core system, managers are able to set preferences to specific workers and departments.

What’s more, Novo support software has a modular nature that makes adding components as easy as making a single phone call.  As your company grows, simply purchase additional administrator licenses to accommodate the growth.  We even have very flexible pricing, with Cloud, Annual Subscription and In-House purchase options available.

Give us a call for a free 30 day trail – we won’t make you jump through hoops or dodge a pushy salesperson.