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The Problem

Manufacturing SoftwareRegardless of the product you manufacture, you need to capture and leverage knowledge from various departments: engineering, quality assurance, sales and marketing, etc.  Without this knowledge being captured in a central electronic form, you could easily lose competitive advantage by repeating product development mistakes, brain drain due to turnover in engineering, etc.

Providing quality Customer Service is also critical.  If customer requests/issues are not effectively managed, follow up can fall through the cracks or high skilled engineers can spend needless time responding to customer issues that could have been resolved by searching a product knowledge base.

The Solution

Our Novo Knowledge Base and Novo Customer Support Suite allows you to effectively and easily manage customer service requests, provide 24 x 7 self service through a customer service web portal and easily document/capture critical company knowledge, making it an excellent manufacturing software solution.

What Can It Do For You?

  • Better & Faster Customer Support: provides quicker problem resolution and 24 x 7 Web customer self service
  • Reduced Operational Costs: reduces call volume allowing customer service reps to serve more customers and not tie up valuable engineering time
  • Reduced Employee Training Time: provides the ability for new and existing employees to acquire job knowledge faster, reducing training time and providing higher job quality resulting in fewer mistakes
  • Organize & Track Customer Services Requests: Distributed Customer Service Management allows each department within your company to manage their own support/request/project queue.  Company-wide managers can view/manage all queues.

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Manufacturing Customers

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