Project Description

ABNB Federal Credit Union

The IT department at ABNB needed a more powerful support solution than the popular help desk software they had in place. Moving beyond IT, the flexible Novo software is also being utilized in the company’s operations center and call center, consolidating processes and saving money.

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ABNB serves over 49,000 members and is one of the largest home-based financial institutions in the Hampton Roads, Virginia area.

For over forty years ABNB has maintained a commitment toprovide quality products and services along with professional and personal service to its members.  Having well run internal operations is key to maintaining their high service standards.

As in most large organizations, ABNB manages numerous support requests through an internal tracking system. The well-known tracking system they were using lacked efficiency, in that it forced all requests into a single work queue, requiring staff to manually monitor the queue and direct the requests to the appropriate department or worker. Another obstacle was that the help desk did not integrate with a knowledge base, so support documentation was not linked to request types nor easily retrievable to agents trying to resolve issues.
The IT department began looking at other request management solutions and selected Novo Solutions.  Novo software automatically funnels requests to the appropriate departments, and customizable templates allow users to utilize the appropriate form template for their specific calls. This reduces request creation time, as workers know which issues should be addressed and do not have to click through unrelated fields. Another key feature in the decision to purchase Novo is the workflow integration. This feature provides rules based auto assignment, sets approval and completion paths, and much more to automate the requests as much as possible. The Novo software also includes a powerful knowledge base, so requests and articles can be related to one another – equipping agents with ability to quickly find answers.
In the IT department, workers are able to service requests much more efficiently faster, as not as many requests coming in ‘unassigned’. Not only is the Novo software streamlining processes in the IT department, but it has been deployed in the company’s operations and call centers as well. In fact almost every employee uses the Novo software every day. The Novo software is not only used in issue management, it serves as the company’s intranet portal. ABNB is continuing to build out the knowledge base so more and more information is housed in one central and secure place. “We have been very pleased with the sales and technical support we have received from Novo – everything is running much smoother since deploying the Novo software.”
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