4 Ways to Increase Attendance in Meetings

Description: Expert tips on increasing meeting attendance.
Categories: Meeting Attendance
Web Site: https://processpa.com/ExecutiveMatters/5-ways-to-increase-attendance-in-meetings/

Amending Bylaws Tough Questions Answered

Description: Experts answer a list of the most frequently asked questions.
Categories: By Laws
Web Site: https://www.echo-ca.org/article/amending-your-hoas-governing-documents-your-toughest-questions-answered

Ask Mr. Condo Questions

Description: A great place created by a condominium resident with loads of practical experience he is willing to share. Send him your questions and if he doesn’t have the answer he will find a local expert and get back to you. So, go ahead and hit him up for free, friendly advice.
Categories: Questions & Answers
Web Site: http://askmistercondo.com/

Assessments, Laws, Choosing Management, Meetings, Rules, and Leasing Resources

Description: Helpful downloadable resources for topics relating to condo and HOA assessments, laws, choosing management, board meetings, rules, and leasing.
Categories: Free Sites, Forms, Checklists, Word & PDF Documents, Questions & Answers
Web Site: http://communityassociationmanagement.com/board-member-resource/white-papers-and-resources/

Board Meeting Tool Kit

Description: An overview of the tools you need to be a successful board member and leader.
Categories: Board Meetings, Free Sites, Forms, Checklists, Word & PDF Documents, Questions & Answers
Web Site: http://donasher.com/pdf/boardMemberTool.pdf

Board Member Questions Answered (Search by Topic or Role)

Description: Quickly and easily search for the answers you need by topic or role.
Categories: Questions & Answers, Search Tools
Web Site: https://www.boardeffect.com/category/blog/

Board Members Code of Ethics

Description: Example of owners association board of directors code of professional ethics (printable PDF)
Categories: Board Meetings, Free Sites, Forms, Checklists, Word & PDF Documents
Web Site: https://www.camsmgt.com/pdf/BOD_Code_of_Ethics.pdf

Board Responsibilities

Description: Principles for homeowners and community leaders (printable PDF)
Categories: Board Meetings, Free Sites, Forms, Checklists, Word & PDF Documents
Web Site: https://www.camsmgt.com/pdf/Rights-Responsibilities.pdf

Bylaws & Discussion Forum

Description: They have a wealth of information on bylaws and more but the community question and answer blog/forum is the place to turn for community advice.
Categories: By Laws, Communications, Condo Living, Financial Matters, Insurance, Legal, Maintenance, Questions & Answers
Web Site: http://www.condoassociation.com/

CAI Form/Template Directory

Description: CAI members access to forms and templates.
Categories: Free Sites, Forms, Checklists, Word & PDF Documents, Legal
Web Site: https://www.caionline.org/CommunityManagers/Pages/Gate-Sample-Forms-and-Templates.aspx

CAI Resource Directory

Description: A list of trade associations and internet resources for condo owners.
Categories: Other Directories
Web Site: http://communityassociations.net/resources/cai/

Changing the Rules

Description: Helpful information for attempting to alter your bylaws.
Categories: By Laws
Web Site: https://cooperator.com/article/changing-the-rules/full

City Guides, Tips, Advice, Trends, and all Things Condo Living

Description: Condo Blog is the place to find city guides, tips, advice, market trends, and condo living news and information.
Categories: Condo Living
Web Site: http://www.condo.com/blog/

Condo and HOA Newsletters

Description: My EZCondo Condominium and HOA Newsletters is a great resource for creating condo and HOA newsletters and increasing better community communication.
Categories: Communications, Free Sites, Forms, Checklists, Word & PDF Documents
Web Site: http://myezcondo.com/

Condo Law Guru

Description: This blog is run by an attorney who is very familiar with condo and HOA legal issues. She expertly breaks down the laws in layman's terms for HOA and condo associations.
Categories: Legal
Web Site: http://condolawguru.com/

Condo Legal Forms

Description: Free condo forms listed by state for download.
Categories: Free Sites, Forms, Checklists, Word & PDF Documents
Web Site: https://www.uslegalforms.com/condominiums/

Condo Reserve Study Example - Miller Dodson

Description: Read through a completed condo reserve study.
Categories: Financial Matters, Reserve Studies
Web Site: http://millerdodson.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/2015-Oaks-at-Brunswick-Sample-Report.pdf

Disaster Recovery Booklet (New Neighborhoods Publishing)

Description: A pre-disaster readiness booklet to minimize damages and promote faster recovery time.
Categories: Misc, Security
Web Site: http://www.newneighborhoodspublishing.com/docs/DisasterRecoveryBooklet.pdf

DIY and Courses

Description: Contruct-ed is an amazing little gem for folks dabbling in construction and DIY projects, they have free and paid courses to learn how to build just about anything.
Categories: Condo Living, Free Sites, Forms, Checklists, Word & PDF Documents
Web Site: https://www.construct-ed.com/

Due Process Rules and Enforcement Procedures

Description: Requirements for Due Process Rules Enforcement Procedures for Condominium and Homeowners Associations
Categories: Legal, Security
Web Site: https://www.condo-lawyers.com/requirements

Editable Word and PDF Community Association Documents

Description: Editable Word and PDF Community Association email consent, application for purchase, lease, auto debit, contact, and architectural review request forms.
Categories: Free Sites, Forms, Checklists, Word & PDF Documents
Web Site: http://www.watsonassociationmanagement.com/association-docs.shtml

Example Owner Rights and Responsibilities

Description: Property Owners' Association Act
Categories: By Laws, Rules
Web Site: https://law.lis.virginia.gov/vacodepopularnames/property-owners-association-act/

FHA Certification

Description: United States Department of Housing and Urban Development website will let you know if your Condominium Project has received FHA Certification.
Categories: Financial Matters
Web Site: https://entp.hud.gov/idapp/html/condlook.cfm

Finance Management Discussions

Description: This site has insight into business and professional finances including power points, word, excel, and PDFs.
Categories: Financial Matters, Free Sites, Forms, Checklists, Word & PDF Documents, Questions & Answers
Web Site: https://www.citefin.com/

Forms and Checklists HOA Support Wix

Description: A list of various forms and checklists and if you would like to have an editable version just send them an email, listed at the top of the page.
Categories: Forms & Checklists
Web Site: http://af4408.wixsite.com/hoasupport/forms