GA - Stormwater Best Management Practices (See Section 4) - GA Stormwater Management Manual - Volume 2 - Technical Handbook

Description: The full manual covers Planning, Design and Implementation, Hydrology, BMPs, Drainage System Design.
See: for links to both Volume 1 and 2 of the full "Blue Book"

BMPs Covered:
Bioretention Areas
Downspout Disconnects
Dry Detention / Dry
Extended Detention Basins
Dry Wells
Enhanced Dry or Wet Swales
Grass Channels
Gravity Oil / Grit Separators
Green Roofs
Infiltration Practices
Multi-Purpose Detention Basins
Organic Filters
Permeable Paver Systems
Pervious Concrete
Porous Asphalt
Proprietary Systems
Rainwater Harvesting
Regenerative Stormwater Conveyance
Sand Filter: Surface Sand Filter, Perimeter Sand Filter, Underground Sand Filter
Site Reforestation / Revegetation
Soil Restoration
Stormwater Planters / Tree Boxes
Stormwater Ponds: Wet Pond, Wet Extended Detention Pond, Micropool Extended Detention Pond, Multiple Pond Systems
Stormwater Wetlands: Shallow Wetland, Extended Detention Shallow Wetland, Pond/Wetland Systems, Pocket Wetland
Submerged Gravel Wetlands
Underground Detention
Vegetated Filter Strip
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Categories: Best Mgt Practice
States/Provinces: Georgia
Local Regions: GA - Atlanta