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Simplify Enterprise Asset Mgt

Optimize Asset Utilization, Manage Costs, Plan Maintenance & Inspections, Track Inventory across – all across multiple locations and business units


Improve productivity,
automate maintenance,
get custom reports and
reduce operational
costs with our
ShareNet Enterprise Asset Management Software.

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ShareNet Enterprise Asset Management Features

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  • More Efficient Operations – Keeping track of equipment/machinery, scheduled maintenance and inventory is greatly simplified
  • Reduced Downtime – Repair history and maintenance tips are just a tap away, equipment & machinery can be repaired faster
  • Improved Job Quality and Safety – Work & Safety Procedures can be documented and related to equipment for quick review in the field
  • Reduced Costs – Properly maintained equipment/machinery extends life
  • Disaster Recovery – all records are stored offsite in a secure data center in case of fire or other disaster


What our Clients Say

The Novo…software has allowed us to have more control over the integrity of our data …This allows us to run more efficient reports for projects and client billing.
Valarie G., University of Pennsylvania