Asset Management Software

Track, share and report on any Municipal Asset, always know their value, condition and location, while maintaining and utilizing them more effectively.
Powerful Reporting & Dashboards.

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Municipal Asset Types

Includes Any Type of Asset
No Need for Additional Modules

(Other types may include: Wastewater Collection, Wastewater Treatment, Furniture, IT Assets, and more)
The map below shows an example of Stormwater Assets on a map

Stormwater Assets On A Map


Municipal Asset Management Software Benefits

Our adaptable, scalable ShareNet Municipal Asset Management Software will simplify how you organize and maintain assets and report on maintenance costs.

Is There a More Effective Way to Organize and Control My Assets?

Gain control over the organization and status of your assets with our ShareNet asset management software.

  • Powerful asset management software can be used from anywhere on any device
  • Wide-ranging control across single or multiple locations with multiple languages
  • Convenient bar code scanning on smart phones or tablets
  • Improve asset visibility by reporting on asset cost, depreciation, downtime, type, location, and more.

Novo Solutions asset tracking tool will provide the summary and details needed to justify budget decisions.  No more ungainly spreadsheets, our turn-key, cloud-based asset management software lets you easily track, organize, and report asset data on your terms.

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Cloud Asset Management Software

Will the ShareNet Asset Management Software Grow with My Operation?

Create the forms you want, when you want them, without technical support. Choose from 60+ pre-defined fields or create your own for ultimate usability, scalability and flexibility.

  • Easy-to-use customization wizards, customizable forms, fields, email templates, charts, reports and more
  • Create assets, update assets, and add location information at the office or out in the field
  • One system can have multiple permissions for multiple departments
  • Highly flexible system architecture can be altered to meet your specific needs and requirements

Our cloud asset management software allows you to easily modify forms, record lists, fields and email templates, attach documents or photos to your records, and tailor the system to suit your operation.

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Cloud Asset Management Software

How Can I Get the Most Out of My Assets?

We can help you deploy and utilize assets more efficiently – and never again purchase more equipment than you need.  Experience more efficient operations when assets and equipment are tracked.

  • Have a detailed record of previous repairs, procedures, and images for all assets on any device, anywhere
  • Scheduled asset maintenance is simplified with planned preventative maintenance and automated reminders
  • Convenient asset status, completion, and location updates
  • Simplified data import, customized reports, and dashboards
  • Asset tracking measures targets achieved and missed to help determine possible improvements

Reporting on asset costs is essential to your financial plan and enhances the decision-making process and the available resources that support your long-term goals.  Our cloud asset management software, helps you know exactly which assets you have, where they’re located, and what their status is, so that you can get the most out of what you own.

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cloud asset management software

Are There Ways to Maximize the Value and Lifespan of My Assets?

Novo Solutions ShareNet helps you keep track of purchase information, asset maintenance schedules, their depreciated value, and more, so you can assess and maintain the life span and value of those assets.

  • Convenient bar code scanning
  • Simplified equipment troubleshooting
  • Immediate log of all asset changes
  • Automated reminders for maintenance, inspections, and warranty expiration

Properly maintained equipment has a longer life and higher retained value.  Our cloud asset management software reduces downtime, increases equipment life, and improves replace or repair decisions.

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ShareNet Municipal Asset Management Software Features

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