Water Asset Management

Improve your Water Asset Management with the ShareNet
Utility Asset Management Software
(includes treatment and distribution)

This overview demo video shows our a water asset management system.  It includes viewing the utility asset management system on a map and creating related work orders.  Scheduling water work orders is also covered.

ShareNet Water Asset Management Software Features

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From pipes and pumps to wells, and even whole facilities, aging infrastructure is a big concern for many water utility managers. Asset deterioration can make it difficult to maintain the high standards of service your customers expect.  This can eventually lead to water supply disruptions or a negative impact on water quality.  This, in turn, could have drastic effects for both the community and the environment.

Regular maintenance and repair—and in some cases, replacement—of utility assets is key in preventing such crises. Without proper planning, coordination, and monitoring, it doesn’t take much for utility asset management to become very costly.

Novo Solutions’ ShareNet water asset management software is designed to help utility operators maximize the efficiency while minimizing unnecessary expenses, lost time, and service interruptions. With its extensive features, short set-up time, and easy-to-use interface, our water software can revolutionize how you do business practically overnight.

The Benefits of Water Asset Management Software

The ShareNet software brings every aspect of your utility asset management maintenance operations together under one umbrella.  Since it is mobile, cloud-based, and completely paperless, it is easier for employees to communicate and stay up-to-date wherever they are. Of course you can always print weekly log reports to maintain hard copies for regulatory compliance. With efficient workflow tracking abilities, they can stay on top of which tasks require attention and which ones have already received it.

Meanwhile, you can create, update, and monitor work orders in real time. Use a Smart Phone or Tablet to scan the barcode tag of an asset to quickly view details including maintenance and inspection history. Set performance benchmarks and keep track of costs, labor hours, and materials.  Then schedule routine maintenance and inspections that are based on time (i.e. daily, weekly) or based on a meter reading such as hours or gallons.

Whatever the size of your system, water asset management is the key to reducing costs, boosting productivity, and satisfying customer demand. If long-term sustainability is your goal, the ShareNet software will help you achieve it.

Novo Solutions Makes Utility Asset Management Easy

In the utility sector, informed decisions are vital to help you meet both current and future needs.  No investment is more valuable than one that helps you with this.

Novo Solutions’ utility asset management software does just that by consolidating your most important activities and data into a single place. More than just an organization tool, it is a streamlined, all-encompassing toolkit. With it, you can develop and execute plans with a whole new level of adaptability, accuracy, and efficacy.

Looking to extend the lifespan of your assets? We can help you do it. What better way is there to schedule and delegate tasks than with a water asset management platform that puts all those abilities and more at your fingertips? Our cloud-based system enables you to directly oversee the day-to-day workflow, even while on the move.

Cut down budgetary bloat and inefficient business practices once and for all with the ShareNet water asset management software. For more information on what Novo Solutions can do for you, contact us today.

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