Municipal Solid Waste Management

Municipal Solid Waste Management Software
to help manage Bulk Pickup, Trash Carts, Yard Debris Containers,
Fleet Maintenance and more.

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This video covers ways to optimize municipal solid waste operations and includes a short demo.

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The Novo ShareNet Municipal Operations Management Software can be used to optimize Municipal Solid Waste Management.  Areas include: Trash Collection, Bulk Item Pickup, Trash Cart Management, Yard Debris Container Management, Fleet Management, Logging and Reporting on miles driven and tons collected, Recording Routes and more.

Bulk Item Pickup

Bulk Pickup Documented with ShareNet Sidekick “1 Tap” Mobile Application

Public Works Directors and Solid Waste Managers see tremendous value in having garbage collection crews document bulk pickup issues in the field, but doing so can be time-consuming. Drivers may only have 40 to 50 seconds between trash cart but stopping to type or write up a bulk pickup work request, code violation, or cart takes more time than that. However, having these records is extremely helpful when responding to customer complaints. Using the “1 Tap” capabilities of the ShareNet Sidekick App make documenting these issues fast and easy for garbage collection drivers. All they have to do is tap a button.

Bulk Pickup Streamlined using GIS Mapping with ShareNet Sidekick “1 Tap” App

There may be multiple sources of bulk pickup requests and having that information in a centralized system that utilizes GIS mapping will maximize the effectiveness of the bulk pickup route – saving on time, fuel costs and wear and tear on the equipment!

Bulk Pickup Efficiency aids in Processing and Billing using ShareNet Sidekick “1 Tap” App

Bulk pickup often requires different billing scenarios. Whether the bulk solid waste pickup is free or if there is a charge, that data is visible and captured with ease. Bulk Item Pickup Drivers can use the map view, or a work order list sorted by the distance to their truck. This makes pickup routes much more efficient and easier to navigate.

ShareNet Sidekick “1 Tap” Mobile Application
Trash Cart Management

Trash Cart Management

Track Carts, Bins, and Roll-Off Dumpsters with Ease and Flexibility

Solid Waste Management Directors find great benefits in utilizing the ShareNet asset and maintenance application to manage trash, recycling, and green waste residential carts, bins, and commercial roll off dumpsters.

  • Track where carts, bins, dumpsters have been delivered or removed
  • Track cart, bin, dumpster inventory at the yard
  • Track cart, bin, dumpster repairs and their maintenance
  • Track cart, bin, dumpster warranties

Solid Waste Fleet Maintenance

Manage and Maintain your Solid Waste Fleet with Confidence

Fleet Management Directors need their equipment to be running without issue, and utilizing the ShareNet Fleet Maintenance capabilities allows them to keep on top of scheduled and unplanned maintenance.

  • ShareNet greatly aids in tracking pre-trip inspections, running hours, and maintenance
  • ShareNet assists in automatically creating preventative maintenance work orders (i.e., based on running hours, odometer, or timeframe)
Solid Waste Fleet Maintenance

Municipal Waste Management Software Features

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Benefits of Municipal Solid Waste Management Software

Improved Customer Service

  • Residents have an easy way to submit bulk pickup requests, request yard waste containers, and trash cart repairs
  • Customers can be automatically notified via email when yard waste carts have been delivered or when trash containers have been repaired and returned

Lower Fuel Costs & Environmental Impact

  • Reduce miles driven by using GIS Mapping to locate waste containers in proximity to vehicle, enabling more pickups per day
  • Reduce maintenance, by preparing in advance vs. “unexpected breakdowns”

Staff Time Savings

  • Optimize Bulk Pickup routes to save on staffing hours
  • Optimize Real-time work order managemen