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Case Study

ABNB Federal Credit Union

The IT department at ABNB needed a more powerful support solution than the popular help desk software they had in place. Moving beyond IT, the flexible Novo software is also being utilized in the company’s operations center and call center, consolidating processes and saving money.

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Top 7 Things to Consider When Evaluating a CMMS System

A CMMS system (computerized maintenance management software) automate many of the logistical functions performed by maintenance staff. Typical CMMS functions include work order generation, historical tracking of work orders, tracking of scheduled and unscheduled maintenance activities, storing of maintenance procedures [...]

Executive Brief

Computing in the Novo Cloud

The ‘Cloud’ has rolled in and by all accounts is here to stay, but is it really the magic bullet formost businesses and is it right for you? And are all clouds the same? Here’s what you need toknow about computing in the Cloud, and what sets the Novo Cloud apart from the rest.

SaaS versus Cloud Solutions?


Optimize, automate and streamline your processes. Novo applications are flexible and highly customizable, creating powerful solutions for all types of organizations.

Customer Support

Manage requests more efficiently and improve customer satisfaction with our cloud based ShareNet customer support software.

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IT Help Desk

Maximize productivity and process tickets from anywhere with our cloud based ShareNet IT help desk software.

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Knowledge Base

Store, retrieve and share information
securely with our Knowledge
Base software.

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Maintenance Software

Automate maintenance and reduce operational costs with our cloud based ShareNet maintenance management software.

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Asset Management

Utilize assets more efficiently and simplify maintenance and with our cloud based ShareNet asset management software.

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Municipal Management

Automate asset management and deliver 24/7 citizen support with our cloud based ShareNet municipal software.

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What our Clients Say

The Novo…software has allowed us to have more control over the integrity of our data …This allows us to run more efficient reports for projects and client billing.
Valarie G., University of Pennsylvania
Being able to access it [Novo Software] through a web browser is crucial and makes it easier to look at when our employees are on the road or at a remote location.
Jason S., Plastipak
The reporting capabilities of the system provide the information I need as a manager to identify enterprise wide issues, monitor outstanding issues and track the activity of the IT team.
Mark C, Farm Bureau Bank

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