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Park Maintenance Software to help you track, maintain and report on all park assets – buildings, equipment, grounds, trails, furniture, plants and more! We created a Park Work Order Software that will change your Park Maintenance System Operations indefinitely.

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Public parks have always been popular gathering places for the citizens of cities and towns. But while the public goes to parks to have fun, the municipalities themselves have to manage these spaces and all their infrastructure.  The day in the life of Parks Maintenance is a video of a city Parks & Rec department that describes various aspects performed by maintenance staff on a daily basis. 

From mowing the lawns to maintaining the fountains to tracking what park maintenance workers are doing, there’s a lot to remember. The old way of doing asset management, with paper files and map books, is terribly inefficient.

To optimize your park management operations and allocate your resources more wisely, there’s park maintenance software from Novo Solutions. Check your assets’ conditions, place work orders, and track costs at a glance, from wherever you are.

ShareNet Park Maintenance Software

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How Our Parks Maintenance Software Can Help You

As an asset or utility manager for your city, town, village, or other small municipality, it’s your job to keep your public parks safe and in perfect working order for the public.

Parks are typically aesthetically focused areas where people can spend time on the grass, enjoy the greenery, and use the water fountains and restrooms as needed.

Then there are the pavilions, swimming pools, playgrounds, footpaths, and recycling areas.

The different parts of parks and recreation maintenance are just too much to remember without a system for keeping it all together. That’s what Novo Solutions offers you: a cloud-based app that aggregates all your park maintenance software data and presents it to you in easily digestible sections.

Here are three main ways our software solutions can help your municipality.

Inventory Management

Public parks encompass all kinds of infrastructure and other kinds of inventory. As we mentioned, these items include everything from water piping to restrooms to landscaping. You need to be able to see the installation dates and conditions of all these things in one place. Using GIS technology, our ShareNet Municipal Operations Management system lets you access a map showing all your assets for your convenience.

Then, you’ll know which assets need repairs and which are likely good to go for the next few months or years.

Work Orders

Whether park maintenance is performed by park staff or repair jobs are outsourced, the Novo Solutions software lets you manage both types of work orders. If work is performed internally, park staff can create, view, and update work orders on their desktop or mobile device. For outsourced jobs, you can create work orders and associate them with known vendors you have saved from previous jobs. Vendors can be automatically notified of new work orders via email.

Efficient Spending

When you’re able to see your assets and schedule out maintenance all at once, you can easily predict how much your municipality will be spending over the next several months to a year or more. This should help you plan out your finances, since you’ll know where every dollar is going and when it will be due.

That’s how Novo Solutions lets you rein in inefficiency and run a tighter park maintenance operation.

Let Us Optimize Your Park Maintenance System

Any small or medium-sized municipality that runs parks and recreation maintenance can benefit from our municipal asset management software. Get a better handle on your assets and tighten your financial control of needed repairs, and your city or town’s operations will run much more efficiently.

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