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This demo video demonstrates how to manage wastewater assets and related maintenance.

Wastewater maintenance software from Novo Solutions integrates your sewage collection and treatment assets with work orders and scheduled maintenance in one convenient app platform and lets you manage it all more efficiently.

When you can see all your gravity and pressurized mains, manholes, lift stations, and pumps, as well as their conditions, on a city map, you can easily schedule repairs and allocate your budget more wisely.

Our wastewater software will help you with planning and the day-to-day operations. If you can check the operations of all your infrastructure at a glance, you can prepare for the future and avoid the need for expensive emergency replacements.

Novo Solutions’ wastewater management software should always be part of your municipal asset management, and you can request a demo of our product today!

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ShareNet Wastewater Maintenance Software

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What Is Involved with Wastewater Management?

No one knows it better than municipal utility managers: the sewage system of any sized city or town can be a complex operation.

Automated infrastructure, always with some degree of human oversight, constantly carries wastewater away from home and businesses, through hundreds of miles of underground piping, and into water treatment plants.

That’s a simplistic way of putting it: the stages of wastewater’s journey from the surface to the system’s end point involve all kinds of manholes, drains, piping, stormwater overflows, pumping stations, and screening chambers.

Most sewer systems are gravity based, meaning no energy is expended on moving wastewater from sewer mains down to treatment plants; the differences in elevation handle that just fine. In hilly areas where not all the sewer lines can be placed based on gravity, the wastewater must be pressurized and pumped.

It’s an understatement to say this is a lot to handle, no matter how experienced the utility manager is. These individuals have to ensure not only that the wastewater is flowing through the system as it should, but also that the infrastructure itself is working properly and not in danger of breaking down.

So, how can you make all of this easier on yourself and your municipality?

Our Wastewater Management Software Means Efficiency and Speed

Wastewater maintenance software from Novo Solutions is the one-stop tool you need to make the oversight of your city sewer system more efficient and save money.

Our ShareNet Municipal Asset Management Software uses a geographic information system (GIS) to let you input, store, and manage the geographic data of all your wastewater assets or it can integrate with your current GIS data. You’ll also be able to examine at any time the conditions of these assets so you can see in just a few moments whether a pump needs maintenance or a pipe should be inspected.

When you need to take action, our platform lets you schedule jobs for your maintenance staff to perform or to be associated with an outside contractor. Through our work order software, you can view active jobs so you know the status of repairs in real time.

With this kind of power right in your hands, you will be able to plan your wastewater maintenance much better than before. You’ll also be able to allocate resources more efficiently and start saving. Request a demo of our wastewater management software today.

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