Community Development Software

Our Community Development Software can help you manage Permits (Building,
ROW, Fence), Code Enforcement, Business and Animal Licenses
with custom letters and reporting

The Novo Solutions ShareNet Community Development software incorporates the areas listed below.

Code Enforcement Software

Our Code Enforcement Management Software allows for multiple departments to work together to schedule and track inspections right when they are made apparent. Pictures of the problem can be attached using a mobile device and the GPS location can be set for the record. This not only provides a much clearer understanding of the situation but allows the violation/complaint to be seen on a map. Using the inputted data, automatic workflows can generate Code Violation letters, with just a click of a button. ShareNet’s Citizen Request Management software provides residents with easy access to submit new issues they see, increasing community satisfaction and ultimately providing a better relationship between the citizens and the local government.

Code Enforcement System

Permit Management Software

Code Enforcement System

Our permit management software gives building and planning departments the ability to digitally organize, retain, and track relevant documentation. Permit types include new construction, remodels, land-use, zoning, ROW and beyond. ShareNet provides these departments with mobile access where their team members can be out in the field and add or update permit inspections in real-time. This gives everyone immediate access. Its flexibility and ease-of-use ushers in team members who in the past may have continued to resort to paper. Paper based processes create the possibility of mistakes in misplacing or transferring  misinformation. Your team can improve productivity by automating the process of your permit work flows, saving money, time, and eliminating things from falling through the cracks.  Building Permits and Certificates of Occupancy can be generated with a click.

Business License Software

Our business license software enables municipal departments to easily track all businesses by type, whether it be a restaurant, hair salon, auto mechanic, etc. Through GIS mapping, the business licensing department can locate businesses on a map and each business type is coded by color, making it easier to group similar businesses. ShareNet can track the status of payments and renewals of licenses quickly through the “Expired Business License” list. The business license system has the capability to generate and print business licenses, renewal and warning letters, and payment receipts. The scheduling and performing of Business Health and Safety Inspections is made highly fluid, as the inspector can be on-site performing the inspection and uploading images through their smart device, saving an incredible amount of time, and getting the businesses approved for service at a rapid pace. ShareNet’s business licensing system helps unite the municipal and business communities, ultimately making for a stronger local economy.

Business License System

Animal Control Software

Animal Services Control System

Our animal control software greatly aids the department’s team, whether they are in the office or out in the field, by providing easy-to-use digital licensing, tracking, and complaint services. Cases can be tracked through ShareNet’s mobile application to include the type of animal, issue, and its origin. Images of the situation can be immediately uploaded, giving real-time justification for the complaint or situation, to include the GPS location. The administrative team members benefit from ShareNet’s ability to easily generate and print animal licenses, renewal letters and invoices. The animal services department can generate mail merge letters using GIS Parcel data (of the property owner) to update them on the complaint. ShareNet greatly facilitates animal services departments by providing easy-to-use mobile tools to quickly address the care, keeping, and management of animals, while protecting those within the community.

ShareNet Community Development Software Features