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Trying to run operations in a small or medium-sized government without the systems to keep things flowing is sort of like paddling upstream: no matter how hard you work, stronger forces are always working against you.

Whether it’s necessary maintenance not being scheduled, workflow sitting stagnant, or communications falling flat, problems can beset you at every turn, that is, if you aren’t using an effective facility management system.

Novo Solutions wants to be your answer to these issues of inefficiency and ineffectiveness. Our cloud-based software lets facility managers see their operations at a glance, schedule needed maintenance, and automate general workflow.

All of these solutions come together to help you make your facility-based operations more functional overall.

ShareNet Facility Management System

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How You Benefit from a Facility Management System

When we talk about Novo Solutions’ facility management system, we’re referring to cloud software that lets small to mid-sized local governments oversee every aspect of their facility maintenance and repair efforts from one convenient online dashboard.

It’s an understatement that even small governments have a lot on their plates at any given time. Municipal and County facility managers, in particular, have more than enough to look after from day to day. The offices, warehouses, and other buildings where the government’s assets are located have to be safe, efficient, sustainable, and, most importantly, productive.

If you’re managing a facility without a facilities asset management information system, you may find that your operations are cumbersome and inefficient.

Novo Solutions can fine-tune your setup. Here are a few ways we can do that.

Maintenance Management

Overseeing any kind of facility requires you to ensure everything works as it should. Otherwise, operations can grind to a halt. But infrastructure will always break down and need repairs eventually, so what can you do to stay on top of it all?

Our facility management software helps you track where repairs and maintenance are needed, and how badly, so you can determine how best to schedule the work, allocate maintenance budgets, and get your properties back on track.

Supplies and Equipment Stocking

Just as important as looking after repairs is keeping your facilities supplied with everything they need to remain productive. Assets can move from place to place throughout the local government and could need replacing. Or, you might have to oversee the construction of new assets by purchasing the correct materials from the right suppliers. The facility asset management system from Novo Solutions can help you track and administer all this so you never fall behind in your duties.

Contractor Sourcing

Related to the previous two points is contractor sourcing, which our software can help you to manage. Frequently, when you need repair work done on your facility, you will have to outsource that work. A good facilities asset management information system will let you keep track of your preferred contractors and all of their relevant information, so you can schedule your jobs that much faster when the time comes.

Novo Solutions Provides a Reliable Facility Management System

There’s no question but that a government facility manager’s days are quite full. When you have so much to oversee at the same time, you can’t afford to go low-tech and let things slip through the cracks.

Novo Solutions offers an all-in-one facility management system that can make your operation simpler, more productive, and more efficient.

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