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Water Management Software

This overview demo video shows our water management system software.  It includes scheduling water related work orders on a calendar, viewing the water management system on a map with the ability to create work orders from the map.

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ShareNet Water Management Software

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Managers of small cities and towns are always turning their attention in new directions to make sure the municipality’s operations are proceeding as efficiently as they can. Serving the public requires administering to a whole host of moving parts, not the least of which is an urban center’s public water system.

For the typical resident, water flows into the home or business when requested and out when put down the drain. It’s that simple for them.

For administrative managers, though, keeping the water flowing can be a complex job. You’re dealing with physical properties such as pipes, pumps, and tanks, many of which are aging and need maintenance scheduled out so they receive attention on time.

This management of water flow and wastewater treatment all takes place behind the scenes of the public, but if you fall behind in your duties, it’s chaos in your utilities department.

Novo Solutions can keep you on track with our water software solutions. From letting you see all your water distribution system’s assets at a glance to accessing those assets’ conditions, our ShareNet platform has everything you need to keep up with your municipality’s water management.

The Municipal Water Management System Scene

The big-picture goal for water asset management in a city or small town is straightforward: keep the systems working so clean water keeps flowing.

Water pipes, pumps, wells, fire hydrants, and water-treatment facilities are all necessary to keep a municipality’s water flowing as needed. That means the upkeep of those assets is crucial.  This is exactly what water management system software is designed to help you with.

The nearly constant issue that utility managers have to deal with is the deterioration of that infrastructure. Essentially, as soon as a new infrastructure asset is installed, it starts losing its value, and the countdown to its repair begins.

You can bet that any water asset deterioration that interrupts drinking water or any kind of water flow will not be well met among your municipality’s residents.

The question for utility managers is: how efficiently do you manage your city’s water system? That question implies many things, such as your ability to locate and identify underground assets that need repair and assess how critically certain assets need maintenance and which can wait.

What’s our answer to these challenges? It’s our asset management software for water utilities.

How Water Management Software from Novo Solutions Can Help

If your mission is to get a better handle on your municipality’s water system so you can schedule repairs well in advance and keep service consistent for everyone, Novo Solutions can help.

Our water management system software lets you keep track of your assets on a map so you can access all of them with a tap of the finger. Our platform uses a geographic information system, or GIS, to help you capture those locations and make it easy for everyone on your team to find the assets in the future. No more fumbling around in the snow to find a water meter. You’ll know where it is and what it looks like.

You can also input asset quality ratings and other information from your condition assessment of the infrastructure. Doing this will help you answer a whole range of questions, such as: who or what does this asset serve? How much more useful life does it have? What is its value? What would it cost to repair or replace?

Then, you can use the platform to schedule any needed maintenance, track its progress, and share reports on your data.

All these useful capabilities are built into our easy-to-use water software.

See for yourself how Novo Solutions can help you to manage the water assets in your municipality. Contact us today to request a demo!

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