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Disaster Recovery Documentation

Disaster Recovery Documentation & Record Keeping Proper disaster recovery documentation and record keeping is not only helpful in planning for and responding to disasters, it is also critical if you want to increase your chances of approval for FEMA or Insurance reimbursement requests. In this presentation/demo, we will take a look at how the Novo Solutions - ShareNet Operations Management System can simplify how you maintain and report on this information.  Disaster Recovery Documentation [...]

More Than Just Asset Management Software For Cities and Counties

Today, much of our focus is on providing Asset Management Software for cities and counties.  But the origins of our ShareNet Operations Management software  were much broader than this (keep reading and you will get the connection to the comic).  When we were shaping the vision for our ShareNet software back in 2007, we wanted it to be a highly flexible and easy to use web and mobile information management platform.  It needed to be [...]

Service Work Order Software – Optimizing Customer Service

The days of managing workflows on paper are gone. However, if you’re in a service-based industry, your service work order procedure could probably use a bit of work. Many companies don’t have a service work order software system in place to receive, categorize, manage, track and invoice work orders. Requests may fall through the cracks, getting deleted in an email inbox or misplaced in a pile of paper documents. Inquiries that make it through could [...]

What is our Software for Municipalities capable of?

Are you a Public Works Director looking to transform your department? Are you in need of an efficient Municipal System that simplifies your workflow processes and boosts operational capabilities? Here at Novo Solutions, we develop software solutions for municipalities around the world. We are looking to provide optimal solutions that meet every need. With ShareNet's adaptability, we want to continue to create flexibility in your department wherever possible. We also develop Municipal Government Software for [...]

Water Management System for Operations and Tracking

Are you a Director for the Water Department? Are you in need of an effective system that keeps records of your workflow processes and operational assets? Here at Novo Solutions, one of the software solutions we develop is Water Management Software. We are looking to provide you with optimal solutions that suit your every need. With ShareNet's Water Management System, we want to deliver unmatched flexibility to fulfill your needs daily. Unfortunately, inefficient systems plague [...]

Wastewater Treatment Software cleans up operations

Hello! Welcome to another blog post with Novo Solutions! Are you a wastewater utility director? Are you in need of an effective system that tracks your wastewater assets? Here at Novo Solutions, we are looking to provide you with the optimal solutions that suit your wastewater asset management needs. With ShareNet's Wastewater Treatment Software, we want to deliver the versatility and flexibility you need for your daily operations. Since our focus today is Wastewater Treatment, [...]

What you need in your Cemetery Tracking System

Hello! Welcome to another featured blog post with Novo Solutions! Are you a Cemetery Director? Do you work in the Office of the Sexton? Great, you're in the right place! Today, we're discussing the Cemetery Tracking System and what it can do for you and your operations. We know this can include tombstone maintenance, lawn maintenance, and path and street maintenance. Next, the staff you employ can optimize these operations simply because we enable their [...]