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Disaster Recovery Documentation

Disaster Recovery Documentation & Record Keeping Proper disaster recovery documentation and record keeping is not only helpful in planning for and responding to disasters, it is also critical if you want to increase your chances of approval for FEMA or Insurance reimbursement requests. In this presentation/demo, we will take a look at how the Novo Solutions - ShareNet Operations Management System can simplify how you maintain and report on this information.  Disaster Recovery Documentation [...]

More Than Just Asset Management Software For Cities and Counties

Today, much of our focus is on providing Asset Management Software for cities and counties.  But the origins of our ShareNet Operations Management software  were much broader than this (keep reading and you will get the connection to the comic).  When we were shaping the vision for our ShareNet software back in 2007, we wanted it to be a highly flexible and easy to use web and mobile information management platform.  It needed to be [...]

Service Work Order Software – Optimizing Customer Service

The days of managing workflows on paper are gone. However, if you’re in a service-based industry, your service work order procedure could probably use a bit of work. Many companies don’t have a service work order software system in place to receive, categorize, manage, track and invoice work orders. Requests may fall through the cracks, getting deleted in an email inbox or misplaced in a pile of paper documents. Inquiries that make it through could [...]

December 2021

Work has begun on the new ShareNet Form Designer.  This will make designing new forms even easier and faster and will include new field types.  This will be included in our upcoming ShareNet 3.8 release in the Spring of 2022.

November 2021

ShareNet 3.7 is Released! This update includes enhancements to the ShareNet Calendar - to optimize scheduling and re-arranging the schedules of work orders; GIS/Mapping Improvements - allowing users to improve productivity using the map; Multi-Lingual Improvements - allowing the system to be used in different languages; Work Flow Enhancements - including a new GeoFencing capability; List View Enhancements - with more flexibility with date filters; Data Import - now has the ability to perform record [...]

How to Track Park Trail Maintenance Costs

  Many people rely on park trails to get outside and stay active. Parks and park trails are essential parts of many communities, but they need regular park trail maintenance to continue to be usable. Park trails need to be safe and enjoyable for community members to benefit from, so ensuring they’re maintained is an important job. Maintaining park trails to the required level can become a lot of work to manage, but fortunately, park [...]

3 Ways Infrastructure Asset Management Software Helps with Disaster Preparedness

Unfortunately, there’s often nothing you can do to prevent a disaster from occurring. Many disasters are completely out of our hands, which can be difficult to come to terms with - it can feel like there’s nothing you can do. When disaster strikes, it often causes extensive damage to the surrounding area and significantly affects communities. Damage to the infrastructure can put citizens at serious risk and become a major safety hazard. While there may [...]

7 Benefits of Asset Management to Water Sustainability

Water assets can become extremely costly, and many municipalities aren’t equipped to provide the ongoing work needed to maintain and monitor them. Without proper maintenance, these assets can break down and require expensive repairs.  This can result in a decrease in useful life. Water asset management is essential to help improve water sustainability and make the jobs of those who oversee these assets more efficient. Having a water asset management system helps maintenance staff properly [...]

GIS Asset Management Software – 6 Ideas For Making it More Accessible

Over the years of speaking with Public Works Directors and staff, we have heard the challenges some of the smaller municipalities have with infrastructure assets in their GIS asset management software.  This article will describe some of these common problems, practical ideas for improvement and the expected benefits from addressing these problems.   Common Problems with Accessing GIS Asset Management Software: Municipalities will often store their asset data in a Geospatial Asset Management system typically referred to as GIS [...]