ShareNet Municipal – Multi-Department Information Management

ShareNet is a highly flexible web and mobile information management cloud platform.  It gives users the flexibility to customize forms, lists, and more without needing technical support. The infographic below shows some of the ways the ShareNet Municipal Software can be used in various city/county departments. Use ShareNet to simplify work by helping departments track, share and report on information in more productive ways. Click Here to download a PDF of the above image. [...]

Public Works Work Order Software │The Key to Productivity

8 Keys to a Productive Public Works Department (Video) This video covers 8 key things you can do using public works software to create a more productive Public Works Department.  A software system can be implemented to move away from using a manual public works work order form.  Paper forms are very inefficient and can be easily misplaced. To learn about the ShareNet Municipal Operations Management software system or to request a [...]

Information Management Software Approval Advice

Getting management to approve an information management software purchase can be a grueling process, but having your ducks in a row should help the process go more smoothly. (Infographic Below) To begin, you've landed on this post, so assuming you have already recognized the need but perhaps convincing others sounds like a feat you can't conquer.  Never fear, Stacy is here to help. Specifically, define the problem that the information management software will fix.  Offer specific, [...]

Paper vs. Work Order Software

Paper Work Orders vs. Digital It’s no secret that the world is becoming primarily digital and work order software has become necessary to keep up with the excellent customer service the public expects.  Not to mention the incredible amount of benefits to using software to automate processes.  If you’re on the fence with moving from paper work orders to digital, then I suggest you do your due diligence.  Consider the following: Downside of Paper Based [...]

Computerized Maintenance Management System the Dollars and Cents – Video Blog

(Written Narration of Blog Post published 12/14/2017 So, what are the direct and indirect costs related to a computerized maintenance management system? With a cloud based Computerized Maintenance Management software system everything is covered in an annual fee.  You aren’t responsible for updates or back-ups and you can count on good phone support and improvements over time. Set up fees and costs - Vendors usually charge a one-time [...]

The Benefits of Workflow Automation

The benefits of workflow automation for your customers. Workflow automation does exactly what the name implies: it simply automates your workflow processes. There are many benefits of workflow automation.  Have you ever taken a customer or service call, made a record of it, then either misplaced or dropped the ball on the request? That does not make for satisfied customers or create positive business relationships, to say the least. But we have all experienced such situations [...]