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Getting management to approve an information management software purchase can be a grueling process, but having your ducks in a row should help the process go more smoothly.

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To begin, you’ve landed on this post, so assuming you have already recognized the need but perhaps convincing others sounds like a feat you can’t conquer.  Never fear, Stacy is here to help.

Specifically, define the problem that the information management software will fix.  Offer specific, concrete examples of tedious, time-consuming processes that are adversely affecting your organization’s productivity and bottom line.  Then do your homework.  What are other similar organizations using to address these problems?  Make some calls, check out various similar industries and determine what’s working or not working for them.

Now you need to gather some intel from your very own team.  What are their pain points with the current processes or software?  What would make their lives easier and more productive?  What matters to them and how do they think these issues could be resolved?  Does the existing solution have any missing critical elements that cause poor productivity and downtime?

Perhaps the biggest hurdle is making sure you understand the costs, support, training, and implementation involved with a new software program.  These are the questions they will be asking.  Exactly what is the cost?  Is support included?  How much training is required and what is the time commitment.  What happens when your organization goes live with a new program?

By the same token, be sure to evaluate how many users you plan to have and who is involved in the decision-making process, and always be ready to list the expected improvements over time, like ROI (Return on Investment).  Have a detailed list of your top choices features and benefits as well.  Lastly, develop a budget plan based on the future benefits of using this new software.

By going through this process with a carefully laid plan, you are sure to get the program your organization needs and management will be pleased with the results.  Interested in learning more about how Novo Solutions Information Management Software automates processes that improve efficiency and productivity across industries, then contact us today.


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