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Paper Work Orders vs. Digital

It’s no secret that the world is becoming primarily digital and work order software has become necessary to keep up with the excellent customer service the public expects.  Not to mention the incredible amount of benefits to using software to automate processes.  If you’re on the fence with moving from paper work orders to digital, then I suggest you do your due diligence.  Consider the following:

Downside of Paper Based Work Orders

  • On average, 7% of documents are lost and costing you time and money to reproduce them.
  • Nearly 75% of time spent working with paper-based information is wasted searching and filling.
  • Paper decreases productivity a total of 8 hrs a week-locating (1hr), difficulty sharing (1hr), distribution/storage (1hr), filing/retrieval (1/2hr) for a grand total of 400 hrs a year!
  • 49% of managers say they frequently are unable to handle the volume of the information they receive.

Benefits of Digital Work Orders

  • Work Order software effectively eliminates all paper and lost work orders.
  • Using the correct organizational tools can improve time management by 40%.  Workers can access work orders and attached documentation directly from a smartphone in the field.
  • In mere seconds work order software can locate, share, store, and distribute work orders.
  • There is a 30% productivity increase for the simplest workflow document management. Because work order information is tracked, quality information is available to determine current and future needs.

Looking at the numbers, you have to ask yourself, what am I waiting for?  Here at Novo Solutions, we are about making things anew.  That is what Novo means in Latin after all.  Take the step and update your paper work orders to streamlined work order processes and quit losing money and time.

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