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More Than Just Asset Management Software For Cities and Counties

Today, much of our focus is on providing Asset Management Software for cities and counties.  But the origins of our ShareNet Operations Management software  were much broader than this (keep reading and you will get the connection to the comic).  When we were shaping the vision for our ShareNet software back in 2007, we wanted it to be a highly flexible and easy to use web and mobile information management platform.  It needed to be [...]

Service Work Order Software – Optimizing Customer Service

The days of managing workflows on paper are gone. However, if you’re in a service-based industry, your service work order procedure could probably use a bit of work. Many companies don’t have a service work order software system in place to receive, categorize, manage, track and invoice work orders. Requests may fall through the cracks, getting deleted in an email inbox or misplaced in a pile of paper documents. Inquiries that make it through could [...]

Water Management System for Operations and Tracking

Are you a Director for the Water Department? Are you in need of an effective system that keeps records of your workflow processes and operational assets? Here at Novo Solutions, one of the software solutions we develop is Water Management Software. We are looking to provide you with optimal solutions that suit your every need. With ShareNet's Water Management System, we want to deliver unmatched flexibility to fulfill your needs daily. Unfortunately, inefficient systems plague [...]

Municipal Work Order System Vs. Other Systems

The public works of a city or small town are more important than most people realize in their daily lives. Municipal centers have a lot of moving parts that managers need to oversee at all times. As a result, water pipes can break, street signs can malfunction, maintenance costs can add up, and valuable assets can be down for prolonged periods, wasting a lot of time and money. There is a solution, however; a municipal [...]

How to Track Park Trail Maintenance Costs

  Many people rely on park trails to get outside and stay active. Parks and park trails are essential parts of many communities, but they need regular park trail maintenance to continue to be usable. Park trails need to be safe and enjoyable for community members to benefit from, so ensuring they’re maintained is an important job. Maintaining park trails to the required level can become a lot of work to manage, but fortunately, park [...]