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The public works of a city or small town are more important than most people realize in their daily lives. Municipal centers have a lot of moving parts that managers need to oversee at all times. As a result, water pipes can break, street signs can malfunction, maintenance costs can add up, and valuable assets can be down for prolonged periods, wasting a lot of time and money. There is a solution, however; a municipal work order system.

To handle it all effectively, government public works managers utilize the municipal work order system’s benefits. This kind of technology helps these people to track the work orders they have put in for repairs to public works assets. From work reminders to scheduling to cost tracking, the municipal work order system does it all for you, saving you the time it would take to look over it all manually.

But municipal software is a specialized system, performing the work to which it is most suited. So it’s clear that it is different from other types of work order systems.

How is this the case? Let’s look at how the municipal work order system with Novo Solutions differs from others in this technological field. Of course, you can always request a demo of our ShareNet platform to see for yourself!

Municipal Work Order System & Simple Work Order Software Systems

A simple work order software system that some organizations use is simple beyond measure and doesn’t provide the necessary details required. But, just as it sounds, this system allows managers to assign and track work orders in real-time. It’s as straightforward as that, with the most basic of functionality for tracking work. It is ideal for small businesses that want to save money by not managing all this manually.

The difference between a simple system and the municipal work order software system should be noticeable. City managers need to know more information than what a simplistic system provides.  Assets like water pipes, drainage, signage, etc., must be organized, tracked, and maintained.

Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS)

Then, there are computerized maintenance management systems, also known as CMMS. These are systems with robust structures that assist larger businesses in keeping track of their maintenance.

CMMS system has additional features in its work order technology, including scheduled repair and maintenance options and histories of the user’s assets. In addition, CMMS software lets you track your assets and the workers you have repairing them.

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Of course, the municipal work order system has these features, but because of the nature of towns and cities, users need even more functionality specific to municipal areas. That’s why municipal works software such as Novo’s are perfect for urban public works managers. For example, you can group assets by type, age, location, and more. It’s easy to see how these kinds of capabilities make municipal software precisely the type any city asset manager would want to use.

Field Service Management (FSM)

The last type of work order system we are discussing here is field service management or FSM. Like all work order software types, FSM uses a central platform to manage remote assets, but in this case, those “assets” are employees who work in the field, away from the business or other central locations.

Users can track salespeople, technicians, or anyone else whose main priorities change with location. For example, FSM systems let managers interact with their field teams, request items, share digital files, provide customer invoices, and more.

Municipal work system software can manage work teams, but this is only one part of overseeing an entire city’s public works. To access the full capabilities of the municipal work order software, it needs all the information at its disposal. For example, it is not enough to track technicians; a municipal system also needs to know about asset types, conditions, ages, and scheduled maintenance. Municipal work order software does all this from one place. municipal work order system

Request a Municipal Work Order System Demo from Novo Solutions

Novo Solutions has constructed ShareNet, a dynamic solution to combat any issues that may arise. It makes asset managers more organized so they can do their jobs much more efficiently.

It comes down to it if efficiency is what you’re after as a municipal public works manager. Then only a municipal work order system meant for public assets will do. It is the only kind of platform that gathers everything together, anything you need in one place, from asset types to technical crews to the status of the work orders themselves.

Contact us today to request a demo of our platform and see for yourself how your public works department stands to benefit.

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