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Are you a Director for the Water Department? Are you in need of an effective system that keeps records of your workflow processes and operational assets? Here at Novo Solutions, one of the software solutions we develop is Water Management Software. We are looking to provide you with optimal solutions that suit your every need. With ShareNet’s Water Management System, we want to deliver unmatched flexibility to fulfill your needs daily. Unfortunately, inefficient systems plague many Water Departments. Does your department still use paperwork orders, constant word-of-mouth communication, or have sub-par work completion? With ShareNet, we lend you the expertise you need to create a workflow process that is unshakeable. Becoming adaptable and simplifying implementation are two ways we jumpstart your process. Read more below!


How a Water Management System can improve operational capabilities

Your capabilities are what you can accomplish with the tools you have at hand. Introducing the Water Management System with ShareNet into your fold grants versatility to your department. We do this by making ShareNet extremely customizable. As a result, your dashboard, forms, and fields can create new options and alter preexisting ones as you see fit. In addition, your staffs’ operational ability will grow from having an efficient system at their disposal. Increased real-time information bolsters communications and is something all departments need to be effective. Internally, management’s leadership will be much better, and roll-out times will become more stable. Externally, communications with other departments and subsidiaries will increase cross-department efficiency, generating more capital and profits.


A WMS can lower costs and create growth

First, reducing expenses is a primary goal for any business, private or public. Second, implementing automated workflow processes eliminates the costs for paper, gas in some instances, mistakes made on the job, and continuous capital loss. Third, as a result, with funds leftover, the allocation of money across the department will increase flexibility. Thus, restructuring your department will allow your work capacity to grow. Fourth, innovation increases the number of jobs you’re capable of, generating more funding for the residents, the workers, and yourself. Finally, to clarify, being adaptable in an ever-changing environment like Public Works is necessary, especially in water management. This is why our Water Management System is a key solution in workflow processes. 

What can Water Management System do for my staff?

Imagine assigning a staff member a collection of work order tasks—they lose the paper tasks sheet with assignments for the week. This mistake can lead to prolonged delays for the day, putting the department behind schedule, leading to unrest in residents and officials. Our Water Management Software System eliminates this possibility from occurring. The mobile capabilities of ShareNet are convenient, and work orders can be assigned from the office directly to staff via smartphone or tablet.  This flexibility of operations will supplement job completion saving labor and capital hours. In addition, the customization of options to suit interdepartmental needs is revolutionary. Indeed, this will change how your approach management and work orders and requests.


Novo Solutions and Water Management

To conclude, our ShareNet software is a natural remedy to any issues with your Water Asset Management. Our goal here at Novo Solutions is to supply software solutions to transform your water department operations and efficiency for the better. We aim to reduce costs, increase flexibility, and maximize your efficiency. So, staff and management will become an even more seamless team of action and planning with our Water Management System. We are the solution to any inefficiency you may face or come to face. Choose Novo Solutions today! Schedule a demo below.

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