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FEMA and US FlagMunicipalities are working hard to minimize residents’ exposure to the  COVID19 virus.  Sanitizing has now been added to their list of daily tasks.

BTW: New York City has provided a concise document (COVID-19: General Guidance for Cleaning and Disinfecting for Non-Health Care Settings) that gives some really good guidance for sanitizing.

This task of sanitizing often falls on Public Works staff to complete.  Not only does this increase their workload, but there is the added cost for supplies and equipment.  Based on a review of US FEMA COVID19 Public Assistance for Municipalities it seems prudent for municipalities to designate COVID19 as a potential FEMA event.  They can then associate all COVID19 related Work Orders and supply costs to this event.  This should be very easy to do in their Work Order Management System.  With the appropriate tracking measures in place, it will be easy to run a reimbursement report if FEMA does decide to receive applications.  Below is an example report:

FEMA Reimbursement Report

The above report was run from our ShareNet Work Order Software.

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