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Park Trail MaintenanceMany people rely on park trails to get outside and stay active. Parks and park trails are essential parts of many communities, but they need regular park trail maintenance to continue to be usable. Park trails need to be safe and enjoyable for community members to benefit from, so ensuring they’re maintained is an important job. Maintaining park trails to the required level can become a lot of work to manage, but fortunately, park maintenance is much easier when you have the right tools and resources. 

Several aspects of park trail maintenance can be hard to manage at times, including tracking maintenance costs. However, access to a park maintenance system can change how you handle caring for park trails in your community, making it easier to track trail maintenance costs. 

Find out how park maintenance software can help improve the way you track your park trail maintenance costs. 

Define Trails and Trail Segments On a Map

Knowing exactly where park trails are can be difficult, especially for large parks. With park maintenance software, you can quickly locate where the pathways are. On a map, this will allow you to define trail and trail segments. Using our software like this makes it easier to know where the routes are when it’s time for maintenance and repairs. Then, if you need to learn more about a park trail, you know where to go to access it on a map.

Create Assets for Each Trail Segment 

Knowing the assets you have to manage and their locations is essential for anyone overseeing any maintenance. Park maintenance software will also allow you to create support for each trail. When you make these assets within your software, you can then associate these with each trail name. Thus, you’ll know which assets belong to each trail segment, keeping all of your information organized and easy to access when you need it.  

Create Work Orders 

Efficiently creating work orders is vital for managing any assets and tracking the costs of maintaining them. A park maintenance system makes it much easier to create work orders when park trails need maintenance and repairs. When starting work orders, you can associate them with the trail and trail segment asset. With the right software, you can easily create work orders when they’re needed, and anyone who needs to view them will be able to. In addition, having access to past work orders allows you to see what costs went into each one to help you understand how much of your budget goes towards them.

Log Information 

A lot of work goes into park trail maintenance. You might have multiple people working on a trail for long periods, significantly affecting maintenance costs. But, of course, the labor that funnels into maintaining park trails isn’t the cost that goes into it. Any job is also likely to require at least one piece of equipment and additional materials to be purchased. Therefore, equipment costs per hour and supplementary materials for each job are closely related; and should be added together. All of this data can be submitted with a mobile device to access the  software. You can also receive weekly reports of what materials need to be purchased to help you stay updated on spending. 

Run Reports Grouped by Trail Name 

Reporting is essential for learning more about the costs of maintaining any asset. If you have multiple trails, differentiating the costs per trail can get confusing. However, park trail maintenance software makes it easy for you to see the cost of maintenance for each one of your trails. You can run reports grouped by trail name, and then by trail segment to see the total cost of care required for that specific trail. 

Make Park Trail Maintenance Easy with ShareNet

Finding the right software is essential to improve how you manage parks in your community. With ShareNet Municipal Operations Management system, you have everything you need to ensure you can efficiently manage parks and park trails (along with any other type of asset). In addition, our software can help track all the necessary costs of maintaining park trails so you can understand how to set a more accurate budget for their care. 

Don’t make tracking the cost of maintenance that your park trails need more complicated than it needs to be. Contact us to learn more about how ShareNet park maintenance software can help track your park trail maintenance costs and the other benefits it can provide. 

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