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CAPTURE AND SHARE PROCEDURES AND INFORMATION Kris felt like a juggling clown with all the scattered data, information, and procedures.  This struggle was causing some serious risk at Shelivay.  She needed accurate, reliable, and locatable information from maintenance staff and plant floor operators.  Not having a centralized repository for captured information makes it extremely challenging to make any predictive or preventative decisions.   Knowledge management software captures the information and knowledge that could potentially bridge the gap between [...]

20 Reasons Municipal Government Software Makes Life Easier

Knowledge and information are akin to having money in the bank, and likewise, municipal government software keeps knowledge and information accurate and useful.  Because you reduce costs by utilizing lessons learned and documenting best practices. Having access to municipal software solutions can be a challenge; especially with local government software. Many of us know a person who seems to have all the answers, or if they don’t have them, they will find them.  They always [...]

Cloud Computing: Do You Belong in the Cloud?

Cloud computing has rolled in and by all accounts is here to stay, but is it really the magic bullet for most businesses and is it right for you? The SaaS model that began a few years ago has now evolved into the Cloud computing model being utilized today. Improvements were made to enhance performance and strengthen security. It is a great option for many organizations because it provides Lower maintenance and support costs than [...]

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Knowledge Base Software – Your Port in the Storm!

  Here in Virginia we are expecting a snowstorm later today.  While this is not unusual in some areas of the state, others rarely get snow and it can be a big disruption to businesses and local government.  Hurricanes and other extreme weather can disrupt ‘business as usual’ and leave citizens and employees wondering what to do. Knowledge base software is an excellent tool to store important information for easy retrieval during extreme weather.  Examples [...]

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TMI – Too Much Information | You Need a Knowledge Base

Let’s face it, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to keep up with the massive amount of information coming to us each and every day.  The term TMI has become a form of knowledge chaos.  As times change it's becoming clear that a knowledge base or repository is a must have, not just a nice to have.   Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google states, “Every two days we create as much information as we did from [...]

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Share Knowledge with a “Knowledge Jam” Session

Is your knowledge base 'lean' or outdated?  Let's face it, it takes work and commitment to keep a knowledge base up to date with current information.  We talk a lot about the need to schedule knowledge management and task people to review content and make updates.  Here is an idea we think is a great way to give your knowledge base a boost. Katrina Pugh, of Columbia University, suggests gathering employees (those who know and [...]

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Crafting a Knowledge Centric Support Desk

Customer Support Operations can range from basic to complex.    Most of us have come to expect automated recordings, long waits and the taxing process of having to carefully explain our situation multiple times.).  It is no wonder that customers, as well as agents, get frustrated in the process. A frequently overlooked component of customer support is the integration of knowledge management into the support process.  Being able to quickly and effectively deliver knowledge when needed [...]

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