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Cloud computing has rolled in and by all accounts is here to stay, but is it really the magic bullet for most businesses and is it right for you?

The SaaS model that began a few years ago has now evolved into the Cloud computing model being utilized today. Improvements were made to enhance performance and strengthen security. It is a great option for many organizations because it provides

  • cloud computing knowledge baseLower maintenance and support costs than premise-based alternatives
  • Lower entry point than a licensed purchase
  • Fast Deployment
  • Reduced challenges associated with upgrades, updates, and security patches
  • The ability for remote employees to stay connected
  • Reduce workload on already busy IT departments
  • Highly customizable user settings
  • Lower risk with the ability to easily change vendors if desired

Pushing information in the cloud improves collaboration; business partners, employees, and customers all benefit from the ease and availability that Cloud computing delivers. Anyone with access to the Internet can now engage in operations through these web-based services.

Another key benefit of computing in the Cloud is the cost savings. Businesses today are cash-strapped and are looking to reduce costs without compromising services. The financial benefits of Cloud computing are huge. The Yankee Group estimates that Cloud computing brings cost reductions of 50% or more for IT spending. Typically IT savings demands high upfront costs, with savings being realized over time. Cloud computing brings almost instants savings since there are no large, front-end costs around implementation.

A knowledge base is an essential tool for supporting agents with the information they need to quickly answer questions and resolve issues.

cloud computing knowledge baseMost of us have had the unpleasant experience of having to make multiple telephone calls to a call center.  It is frustrating to be on hold and repeat your story, but what is worse is when you get a different answer from different representatives.  This often happens because the agents are not all gathering information from the same source.

If you are using shared folders, emails, or a homegrown database solution for storing company knowledge there is a better solution!  A central knowledge base repository is perfect for storing information that agents need when speaking to customers. This ensures that everyone is referencing the same information, and because it is simple to update, information is easily kept current.  Best practices and approved answers can be at agent’s fingertips so customers are told the right answer every time.

A cloud-hosted knowledge base solution allows companies to step into a robust solution at an affordable price, and when priced per user, you only pay for what you need on a monthly basis.

Predictable answers.  Predictable fees.  The Novo Knowledge Base.

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