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ShareNet Software PlatformAdvancements in technology have brought huge changes to the workplace, and now with mobile technology we can bring our “offices” with us wherever we go. Emails, texts and CRM’s have replaced typewriters and Rolodex files allowing us to communicate from virtually anywhere.  Application tools on our smartphones allow us to do almost anything “on the go” where in the past they could only be done from an office.  As society has changed so has the work world.  Every industry is taking steps towards more efficient work.  With workflow automation, the job has become accessible anytime, anywhere.

Years ago when we developed our initial Novo software solutions we recognized the benefits of web-based and mobile software.   This technology allowed our customers to access their support software anywhere there was an Internet connection. This was a huge advancement for remote workers who no longer had to go to a workstation to get information off their work computer.  Everyone has a computer in their pocket these days, so why not use them?

ShareNet Software Takes Mobility and Runs With It

With ShareNet Software we have taken the ability to work remotely to the next level! The ShareNet Platform is a mobile workhorse. Barcode scanning capabilities empower employees to make and update records anywhere from a smartphone or tablet. No longer do workers have to go back to the office to check manuals, update and manage requests, or check inventories.   With our Sharenet Work Order Software, work orders can be added, edited and closed out in the field.  It can all be done anyplace, anytime!  Easily find asset service history, location, as well as labor hours to complete tasks are at your fingertips.

The ShareNet Software Platform is a suite of applications that work together to deliver powerful, flexible web & mobile business solutions.  With asset management, customer support, maintenance management, and municipal software solutions we can help almost any industry become more productive.  For information on ShareNet Software or to set up a free trial see: