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Here at Novo keeping our customers data secure is our highest goal.  Going beyond industry standard secure cloud hosting, we have implemented “private cloud’ technology for our ShareNet Platform.

So what exactly is a Private Cloud?

Private CloudA Private Cloud is simply a dedicated hardware environment (pooled resources) with a virtualization layer running on top. This means that multiple virtual servers can be created and managed within a set of physical servers. And since it’s an environment dedicated for Novo Solutions – with Firewall(s), Servers and Storage Area Network(s) – only our customers running our applications behind our secure Firewall are living on it.

Through Rackspace, a trusted leader in Cloud computing services, Novo Solutions has adopted a secure, private cloud infrastructure for our customer’s data. Novo data is physically separated on dedicated hardware exclusively for Novo Solutions, providing high levels of security, reliability, and performance.

The Rackspace Private Cloud infrastructure allows Novo Solutions to provide a secure, reliable server environment to our customers, while at the same time, helps us stay focused on what we do best – providing leading Customer Support and Knowledge Management solutions and supporting those solutions.

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