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Could You Use Government Cloud Computing

Institutions, such as government and banking have typically steered clear of cloud computing because of their need to ensure maximum levels of data security. But advances in protective safeguards are allowing more organizations to adopt the benefits of Cloud computing.  Government cloud computing is no longer a may be possible, it is a must be possible.

What’s the big deal with government cloud computing for Municipalities?

  1. Flexibility: you don’t have to run out and by new servers and hardware as you grow which reduces the overhead costs associated with on-premises storage and back-ups.
  2. Up-to-Date Technology: it’s a no-brainer that you can take advantage of software upgrades because providers are keeping you up-to-date and you don’t have to lift a finger.  You get to focus on other things instead of software and hardware upgrades.
  3. Modern:  those archaic systems of days gone by hold governments back.  It is much easier to integrate current systems with a cloud-based software with API and digital information.  Employees will be connected and work as a unified team instead of everyone doing something different and hoping to meet in the middle without duplicated effort.
  4. Streamlined: with everything in one place rather than scattered everywhere, you can effortlessly manage more work orders, maintenance tasks, and more.  It means you have a straightforward, dynamic program at the heart of your operations.
  5. Enhancement:  if you no longer have to support, monitor, and troubleshoot your software and servers you create an environment of enhanced skills and innovation because personnel has more time to do what they were hired for.

Cloud computing isn’t a new idea, however, local governments are usually the last to catch on to the benefits.  Writing blogs and articles about software, cloud computing, and more means I often stumble upon a gem of a post that I must share.  Check out this post in Forbes “10 Quotes on Cloud Computing That Really Say it All.”

Privacy and Government cloud computing 

Electronic documentation and the Internet has greatly changed the way we communicate, but privacy issues and security have become something every business owner and the consumer has to think about these days.  Just last month Google presented sweeping changes to its privacy policies causing Congress to look into it.  In some arena’s we can choose to just ‘not play’ and not use a service, but even that is getting increasingly more challenging, especially with healthcare electronic records management becoming the norm.  Even Facebook has people scratching their heads – do I really want to disclose my personal information just to use this app (and more importantly what I am disclosing)?

Other organizations like Spotify and Netflix use (or plan to use) social media to share with others what you are watching and listening to.

At Novo Solutions, we take privacy very seriously!

  1. Our application by design has security measures built-in.  Logins are required and administrators can control settings so only certain people can see certain data, giving management tight control to keep information secure.
  2. For hosted customers, we provide the Novo Private Cloud.  We go above and beyond normal cloud services – we have our own cloud (so to speak).  All Novo customers’ data is kept on a private cloud with added security features.

We encourage you to keep your eyes open, use diligence in what you share, and use complex passwords (and change them regularly).

Check out this link for information on our ShareNet Novo Cloud Municipal support solutions