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Municipal Asset Management Software

Large and small municipalities alike share common citizen issues. Providing services, ensuring safety and promoting sound communication is essential to a healthy public works operation. But keeping up with municipal work orders can be challenging for small and mid-size cities (or villages) who may have the same management issues, but not the same budget as larger cities. Fortunately, Municipal Asset Management Software, a Cloud-based solution is making it possible for small and mid-size communities to have access to software applications that were formerly only available to large organizations with enterprise budgets.

A Cloud platform allows software to be housed on a vendor’s server, so no expensive in-house infrastructure is required. Cloud subscriptions are typically priced per user, so you only pay for the number of user licenses needed. This greatly reduces costs for smaller communities with fewer users and allows the same application to scale to even the largest cities.

municipal asset management software

Cloud-based Municipal Asset Management Software can deliver huge cost and time-saving benefits!

Here are just a few:

  • Improve Productivity in the Office and in the Field: Create, access and update assets and work orders from your office or in the field with a mobile device.  This cuts down input time because the work orders are updated in real time by technicians.
  • Automate Everyday Processes: Work Flow technology can automatically route work orders to a department and even send email alerts to track progress.  Automated workflows can provide better transparency for government processes by automatically notifying citizens of next steps. as each step is reached.   Municipalities save time and money with digital, searchable databases.
  • Geotag Assets & Work Orders: Map the exact location of Assets or Work Orders throughout your municipality.  With multiple people handling hundreds to thousands of assets across departments, simple map-based work order tracking and scheduling can be a lifesaver.
  • Adapt as Needs Change: Flexible settings allow you to add custom fields, customize forms, record lists, email templates, etc. You can even attach documents or photos to records.
  • Capture Inventory/Labor Costs: Associate inventory items to Work Orders and add labor hours for full cost tracking (i.e. for FEMA Reimbursements).
  • Access Repair Procedures from Anywhere: Make repairs faster by searching for maintenance procedures in the built-in knowledge base, while in the field.  With a centralized knowledge repository, all departments can work together from the same information.  This means it will be easier to access and make decisions based on current, accurate information.  Thereby reducing communication bottlenecks and increasing departmental collaboration.

Municipal Asset Management Software Decreases Asset Downtime and Improves Visibility.

This is how:

  • Decrease asset downtime with Preventative Maintenance: A cloud-based system makes it easier to track asset health at multiple locations and departments. As a result of preventative maintenance schedules and reminders, maintenance professionals are able to prevent risky equipment downtime and in turn, decrease overtime labor costs.
  • Automated reporting Increases Visibility: Improved decision making with real-time data charts and graphs.   When you understand the value of an asset it helps you make better decisions about the best way to operate, maintain, and plan for replacements.

Municipal Asset Management Software provides a collaboration between finances and all other departments.  Over time historical asset records will support decision making and sustainability.  You don’t have to rely on stacks of paper and excel spreadsheets to manage small city assets anymore.  For information on the Novo ShareNet, Municipal Asset Management Software solution see:

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