Municipal Software

Track, share and report on municipal assets and manage citizen requests & work order with the Novo ShareNet web and mobile Cloud Platform.

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Increase visibility of work performed, deliver 24/7 citizen support and
keep the public informed with our powerful municipal software.

Is There a Better Way to Communicate with the Public?

Keep citizens up to date with a custom portal page that gives them instant access to city news, events, and more. It also allows them to easily submit and review requests online.

  • Increased visibility with the public facing portal
  • 24/7 web and mobile access
  • Simple to use citizen relationship management software
  • Fully searchable knowledge base

Our municipal software gives citizens around-the-clock access to the information they need, including a fully searchable knowledge base and communication portal.

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Municipal Software

How Can I Automate and Better Manage Requests?

Collect, organize and manage all request submissions through the web portal, mobile app, emails, calls or other systems you have in place.

  • Manage any request from anywhere
  • Time saving built-in work flows
  • Alerts to trigger action
  • Automated email notifications when requests are added or updated

With our versatile municipal software, requests can be managed from anywhere, any time. Built-in work flows automatically route requests based on category, or other criteria, saving time and reducing correspondence.

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Citizen Request Management

Is There a More Effective Way to Organize and Control Assets?

Create, access and update assets and work orders with our turn-key, cloud based asset management software.

  • Convenient bar code scanning on smart phone or tablet
  • Improved visibility by reporting on any asset, anywhere, any time
  • Customizable forms, fields, record lists, email templates, and more
  • Easy data migration from spreadsheets and other files

Our adaptable municipal software will simplify how you organize, utilize and maintain assets, and manage work orders.

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Citizen Relationship Management Software

How Can I Improve Work Order Turnaround Times?

Make repairs faster by tagging assets and work orders with their exact location and seeing them on a map.

  • Convenient asset mapping
  • Simplified equipment troubleshooting
  • Automated work order updates
  • Improved productivity

Advanced Geo location capabilities help you manage, maintain and deploy your assets more effectively with our municipal software.

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Web & Mobile Access

Citizens and workers can access the CRM via the mobile friendly web interface and mobile app.

Capture Inventory/ Labor Costs

Associate inventory parts to work orders and add labor hours for full cost tracking.

Built-in Work

Automatically route requests to the correct department based on category or other criteria.

Reporting &

Report on anything, including maintenance time, repair costs, FEMA reimbursements and more.


Easily migrate your data from spreadsheets or other systems.


From small towns to large cities, the ShareNet architecture is built to meet your needs.

Flexible Security & User Roles

Each department can have their own request and work order tracking solution.

API Data

Automate record updates across multiple systems.

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City Administrator & Council Reports & Dashboards.

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