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At Novo Solutions, we’re all about making your municipal management easier and more convenient. Street Superintendents always have plenty on their plates, and it’s a good idea to go for the solutions that simplify problems and increase productivity.

That’s why we’re happy to offer our Sign Management System as part of our ShareNet Municipal Operations Management cloud platform.

Signs are one of the most crucial parts of a municipality’s operations. They provide vital information to the public, particularly to communicate directions to motorists. When these signs have degraded reflectivity or become damaged in some other way, they need replacing.

Imagine life without stop signs, yield signs, and speed limit signs. That’s what things would be like without municipalities keeping track of their signage.

Novo Solutions can help with this. Our Sign Management System exists to help you keep track of your sign locations and conditions so you can maintain your signs when the time comes.

Let’s explore more about the importance of city signage and how Novo’s sign management software can help.


How Novo Solutions’ Sign Management System Helps You

The municipal software that we have perfected over the years is at its best when it’s helping you to see and keep track of all the sign assets located throughout your municipality.

Think of what managers had to do before the advent of this kind of asset management software. It’s just inefficient and too time-consuming to manually track which signs need maintenance, which work crews are starting new jobs, and how much it’s all costing your division.

But these functions are possible with the Sign Management System we offer as part of our ShareNet platform.

Here are a few specific ways our product can help.

Track Inventory

One of the roles a Street Superintendent plays in relation to signs is tracking the municipality’s inventory of replacements. Signs fade, get struck, or even blow away in storms, and they need replacing.

Our sign management software allows you to track your inventory of spare signs, posts, and so on. In actual practice, this means accessing your city’s stacks of signs and metal posts stored in a shop. When a work order is created to replace a sign, a sign and sign post can be “pulled” from your inventory and associated with the work order.

Once the sign is replaced, the maintenance staff member should find the sign asset on the map and update its attributes. This leads us to the next point.

Track Sign Conditions

Municipal repairs are a subject we discuss frequently, and that’s because it’s been one of the most successful functions of our platform. Our sign asset management software lets you place all your signs and sign locations on a map and input their conditions and other details.

Then, at a glance, you can check on each sign to note its installation date and when the last maintenance was done on it. For example, you might see:

Condition = Fair
Install Date = 4/6/15

This data allows you to keep an accurate record of your signs. Maybe the sign represented in the data above faces south and therefore gets more sun. In that case, it would fade faster.

But municipalities know that in the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD), the U.S. Department of Transportation requires minimum sign retroreflectivity so motorists can see them in their headlights at night.

Regarding this, some municipalities have a schedule for sign replacement, meaning they simply replace a sign on a set schedule without necessarily checking the sign’s reflectivity. Other cities may own a Retroreflectometer and have a schedule for checking signs.

The ShareNet Municipal Operations Management system can help you to track this data and maintain federal compliance for sign retroreflectivity.

Schedule Sign Maintenance

The final major point to mention here is that the Novo Solutions street sign management lets you schedule sign replacements, create work orders, and view the status of all in-progress projects right from the app.

So, for instance, when your work crews replace a sign, they can go into our platform and update the new sign’s condition. Then, you’ll know when you see that sign on the map that it now is in great condition and doesn’t need attention.

Once again, recall a time when this wasn’t possible, and making repairs and checking up on jobs was more of a manual process. Our Sign Management System saves you time and, more importantly, money, since you can make your operations that much more efficient and allocate just as many resources as you need to get the job done.

The Street Sign Software is just one of the many ways the ShareNet Municipal Operations Management system can be used.  The graphic below shows some of other Public Works & Utilities departments.

Public Works Asset & Work Order Management

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