Novo Reach

At the core of our company philosophy is service.  Service to our customers.  Service to our employees.  And service to community.

Each year at Novo Solutions we take a percentage of our company profits and donate it to organizations that are making a difference.  We do this on a local as well as global basis.  And while we are not one of the largest companies around, we feel it is our responsibility to do our part and leave a generous footprint of our being here.

Operation BlessingSupport has included:

  • Monetary donations to our local Food Bank
  • Sponsoring various community events
  • Supporting orphans in work/study programs
  • Helping overseas ministries with businesses, housing and water needs
  • Support for human trafficking relief agency

We would like to acknowledge our customers.  Without their continued business and support we would not be able to contribute to these fine organizations.  Thank you for helping us support others in need!