Public Works Fleet Management

Track fleet assets, parts inventory, schedule & perform maintenance,
and report on costs.  Utilize powerful reporting & dashboards with our
Public Works Fleet Management Software.

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The Demo video demonstrates how to track and report on Fleet Assets (vehicles, heavy equipment, etc.) with related maintenance and costs.  Scheduled Preventative Maintenance is covered and Fuel Management integration is discussed.

ShareNet Public Works Fleet Management Software

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Ensuring that your fleet is well-maintained and in good shape takes a lot of work and requires you to always be on top of things. Regardless of the number of vehicles you’re municipality owns, you need municipal fleet management software to help you take care of the assets you have.

At Novo Solutions, we provide software that allows you to effectively manage your vehicles and other equipment for your municipality. Our Public Works Fleet Management is part of the ShareNet Municipal Operations Management System.

What Our Fleet Management Software Does

With our public works fleet management software, you can track and maintain any vehicle, in addition to non-vehicle equipment, like generators, lawn-mowers, and chainsaws.

Here’s what you can do with our fleet management software.

Work Order Management

Municipal Fleet Management Software can help make work order management more efficient. With this, you’ll have the ability to associate inventory parts and labor hours to your work orders. Our built in work order software also allows you to create job cost tracking reports and associate work orders to departments for vehicle maintenance costs by department.

Preventative Maintenance

Any vehicle or equipment can be tracked and maintained using fleet management software. Preventative maintenance can be scheduled that is either date-based, such as changing an engine air filter every 12 months, or meter-based, like changing the oil every 3000 miles. Our software automatically creates work orders when the next PM date occurs or when odometer readings are logged. As long as the appropriate odometer based meter PMs are set up, it will automatically create a work order when the odometer reading exceeds the threshold.

Parts Inventory Management

The Public Works Fleet management department can use ShareNet to track an inventory of parts. You can track stocked parts in multiple locations, and non-stocked parts that need to be purchased can also be defined.

Labor Hours/Timesheet

With our fleet management software, you can add labor hours to your work orders. You can also use the feature to log other time, such as training not related to a work order.

Data Integration

Many municipalities, counties, and provinces have a vehicle fueling system, either with fueling on-site or with a fuel card at select gas stations. Often, the vehicle number and odometer are logged during fueling. These odometer records can be used to log meter readings in the vehicle record in ShareNet automatically. GPS systems can also automatically log odometer readings.

Our software also gives you mobile device access, including barcode scanning, to lookup vehicle records wherever you are. Additionally, powerful reporting and dashboard capabilities enable fleet managers to quickly view and analyze vehicle maintenance costs and other details. Lastly, the municipal fleet management software allows you to upload data you may have collected in the past, providing you with a comprehensive history to analyze.

Benefits of Public Works Fleet Management Software

Here are some of the benefits that our fleet management software can provide. 

Extended Equipment Life

Our software can help you get more life out of your vehicles and equipment. With automated PM reminders, you never have to worry about missing scheduled maintenance, so you know that your assets are being properly handled.

Increased Visibility of Maintenance Costs

Using our software makes it easier to see the cost of maintenance by vehicle, department, etc., so you’re aware of how much gets spent. This can also help you create more effective budget planning for maintenance or vehicle replacement going forward. 

Easy to Use 

Software is only beneficial if you know how to use it. Fortunately, our software is easy to use, so anyone can get the hang of using it quickly.

Find Out How Fleet Management Software Can Help You

Vehicles and equipment can be expensive, so you want to do as much as you can to make sure they’re getting the maintenance they need. This is why the right fleet management software is essential for any municipality. At Novo Solutions, our asset management software helps make it easy to track and maintain your vehicles and equipment.

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