Workflow Automation and New Customers

Everyone knows what it’s like to be a newbie.  We’ve all experienced the arduous task of becoming a new customer.   Have you ever considered not calling or joining because the process of starting something new is difficult?  Streamlining and automating new customer implementation with workflow automation is a worthy practice to establish. A well-organized, effective new customer implementation plan is a critical ingredient to retain and nurture new clients.  New customer support implementation is so [...]

Unparalleled Customer Service With Automation

You don’t spend all that effort and time gaining customers only to lose them because of poor customer service.  Customers have higher expectations than ever, and businesses need an edge to ensure they keep them. Many companies lack the tools and resources to change the landscape of their customer service offering.  There is significant value in customer communications. What happens when customers have no visibility to the status of their requests? Even if you are [...]

Keeping your employees and customers happy- Help Desk Support

In the world of help desk support we focus on ways to make our customers happy, but also of importance is ensuring support team members are satisfied.  In "The One Minute Manager", Ken Blanchard states that people who feel good about themselves produce good results.  It makes sense that satisfied employees are a key contributor to having satisfied customers. Check out this article (you will have to scroll down) to see what makes support staff [...]

Get Smart–Automate Your Service Level Agreements

Technology has made it simpler than ever to build and maintain relationships and maintain high standards of service.  Imagine relying only on manual practices to track and maintain service level agreements.  Perish the thought!  Without customer workflow, automation and service agreement tracking, overcoming manual errors and lapsed support dates and times can have devastating consequences. There may be multiple sources of service requests: phone, email, even hand-written notes from other employees. It’s easy to lose [...]

Customer Support Software – Email-to-Ticket Conversion

Imagine taking a road trip without getting anything done before leaving.  Surely you need to map the route, secure hotels, fill the tank, go to the ATM, hire a pet sitter, forward your mail, pack the suitcase, and so forth. Customer Support before automated email-to-ticket conversion is like taking that road trip without even packing. Will you ever arrive at your desired location?  Not likely! Customer Support Software helps to avoid the constant interruptions of [...]

Workflow Automation: It Could Save Your Business!

Many successful companies are reaping huge benefits with the help of workflow automation. Through automation--resources and departments become strategically linked.  Each piece of the link runs effectively, smoothly, and seamlessly into the next.  Flexible, adaptable workflow automation is the cornerstone of a successful business. Workflow Automation keeps the focus on the larger issues rather than the routine.   Without workflow automation, day to day business feels like a congested interstate at rush hour.  Imagine a vehicle [...]