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Technical Support SoftwareAh the days of the old technical support help desk.  Calls came in, happy technicians resolved issues and tickets were closed…all from within some mysterious location hidden within the building.  The process was adequate, but could be time consuming.  Callers had to make requests during operating hours and often had to wait for an available technician.  Technicians needed to be near their work stations to make notes and find relevant documentation.  The whole process revolved around the technical support software system, not the needs of the workplace.

Mobile technology boosts technical support operations!

Mobile technology has supercharged the efficiency of tech support operations.  As employees have become more mobile, support applications have caught up, allowing technicians and end users the ability to manage requests from any location using their mobile devices.
Here are just a few benefits of mobile integration:

  • Support requests can be made from any mobile device.  Requests can be made through a web browser or mobile app.
  • For the technician, requests can be viewed and updated in the field through the mobile application.  No more going back to the office to get new requests or make updates.  This can all be done from any location, saving time.
  • An integrated knowledge base can be easily accessed when a technician needs technical knowledge to resolve a request.
  • Images, notes and other details can all be quickly uploaded from the field.
  • Other actions can be done with the push of a button (or automated from a Business Rule), such as sending resolution updates to requesters, other team members, managers, etc.

Mobile integration not only saves the technician time (not having to walk back and forth to a ‘base’ to get and make updates), but improves efficiency.  Any team member, at any time, can have real time knowledge of support requests and team member activities.  Managers can view activity from their mobile devices – from any location.

So when looking for a technical support software system, make sure to consider mobile technology as an integral feature of the application, and take your tech support “to go”.


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