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workflow automation customer supportEveryone knows what it’s like to be a newbie.  We’ve all experienced the arduous task of becoming a new customer.   Have you ever considered not calling or joining because the process of starting something new is difficult?  Streamlining and automating new customer implementation with workflow automation is a worthy practice to establish. A well-organized, effective new customer implementation plan is a critical ingredient to retain and nurture new clients.  New customer support implementation is so much more than getting a customer underway, it is the start of their eventual awareness of the full value of your company.

Consider the following challenges:

New Customer Challenge:

Let me introduce Amy, she is a new customer at Postage Meter Plus.  She needs to create an account profile, configure connections, install software, set up payments, and schedule the equipment delivery.  Envision assisting a hundred Amy’s in a normal workday.  Also, consider that every step in the success of new customer onboarding needs to be detailed and measurable.

  • Gathering and setting up information for new customers is typically a repetitive process.
  • Often multiple employees or departments are involved in the setup of one new customer.
  • Passing information back and forth can lead to lost information and delays in doing business with the customer.
  • If service isn’t exceptional as a first impression, your customers may go elsewhere.


  • Set up workflow automation to manage the customer setup process more efficiently and consistently.
  • Creation of information will trigger a notification to the next employee that their task is ready to be worked on.
  • By automating the process tasks, manual efforts are eliminated, and the implementation is accelerated through the departments involved.
  • This improves data integrity and customer satisfaction.

New Employee Challenge:

Your new hire starts today, and the time-consuming preparation includes going over the new employee manual, tax, and direct deposit forms, contracts, vacation/sick paperwork, setting up passcodes, email, getting keys, and so much more.  Having well defined new employee onboarding as part of the greater company policy and engagement is essential for overall company reliability.

  • Often multiple departments handle new employee onboarding.
  • Sending the employee to three different departments isn’t a good option.
  • Lost secure information is a serious breach of confidentiality and is a genuine concern.


  • Set up workflow automation to begin before the new employee’s first day at work.
  • Tasks will be sent to the various departments for the request correlating with their department.
  • Set up an article in the knowledge base with all pertinent forms and instructions.
  • Automating the new employee workflow creates hassle-free onboarding.

Customer support is the heart of every business. Since the use of the Internet, it’s more important than ever.  Customers communicate on social media, write reviews, and can find alternatives with unbelievable ease.   Customers also have complete control of the discussions in this arena. We have all been the customer, so taking cues from our experience is guaranteed to go in the plus column.  Providing the most organized onboarding process not only provides great customer service, it promises growth and opportunity for your business.  Contact Novo Solutions today to learn about our Sharenet Customer Support Software.

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