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Efficiently track, share and report on customer service requests with the Novo ShareNet web and mobile cloud platform. ShareNet customer support software – built to fully optimize your customer support operations.

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Improve customer satisfaction, provide better, faster support, save time, and maximize productivity with
our customizable, adaptable and automated ShareNet customer support software.

How Can I Optimize My Customer Support Operations?

Track requests, automate work flows and get complete, closed loop issue resolution with our robust customer service software.

  • Automated manual processes
  • Instant email notifications and status updates
  • SLA alerts to trigger action
  • Convenient customer self-support portal

Our robust, cloud-based software automates support operations and provides complete management of customer service requests until they are resolved.

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Customer Support Software

How Can I Automate Customer Communications and Improve Overall Reporting?

We can help build customer satisfaction and resolve issues faster through better communication, reporting and request management processes, including our convenient customer portal.

  • Improved communication via the customer portal
  • Automated update notifications to customers and management
  • Robust reporting, including scheduled reports
  • Customized dashboard summaries and detailed views

Our customer service software empowers support staff, managers and customers with up-to-date information and reporting at their fingertips to bring about swift and satisfactory resolutions.

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Where Can I Find a Customer Support Software Tool That Grows with Our Workload?

We can quickly increase server capacity as needed with our cloud hosting environment, and our automated work flows and robust tracking, sharing and reporting capabilities are fully customizable.

  • Scalable customer support software system
  • Multiple request input sources
  • Automated, adaptable work flows
  • Flexible, customizable forms, fields, email templates, charts, reports and more

With our customer service desk software, requests can be submitted via multiple sources, forms can be customized by type of request, and automated work flows, including SLAs, departmental routing and more can be defined by you.

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Scalable Customer Support Software

Are There Ways to Manage Support Requests Faster?

Automatic email to request creation, mobile device access, a customer self-support portal and powerful report building tools greatly reduce the time spent managing requests.

  • Automatic request creation and routing
  • Access and update information from any device anywhere
  • Time saving customer portal
  • Faster employee knowledge transfer

Our customer support software gives customers the ability to submit and track their own support requests, reducing call volumes, plus it helps bring new employees up to speed quickly with procedures and documentation just a click away.

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