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Whether the ‘customers’ you support are other employees, clients, or the general public, providing quality technical support with timely resolutions is essential to the health and profitability of your business.  Having the right people and knowledge in place is key, but just as important to the success of your technical support software operation is having the right tracking tools engaged to effectively manage requests.

Speedy response is a primary foundation to providing effective support, but allowing customers to ‘get through’ is only the first step.  Your customers want their issues addressed quickly and knowledgeably.  Providing fast resolutions can be challenging for technical support operations, but there are things you can do to improve efficiency and resolution times.

Work Flow Powered Technical Support Software

Work flow enhanced functionality takes standard support software to the next level.  With built in work flows, manual operations can be automated, reducing the time and potential mistakes that accompany manual task routing.

Automated work flow routing can automate many common processes, such as:

  • routing requests to the correct department.  Requests can be automatically routed to the correct department for resolution.
  • setting and managing  Service Level Agreements (SLA’s).  Customers’ requests can be auto routed and flagged to comply with conditions set in these agreements. (i.e. wait 2 hours and if a Ticket has not been responded to, send an email escalation)
  • managing scheduled tasks.  No more trying to remember, setting calendars, or post-it notes to remember and track tasks that need to be tended to.
  • creating email notifications.  Trigger email notifications based on a set of conditions to keep team members or managers informed.
  • updating Field Values and more.

Automating typical processes empowers your support staff to resolve issues as quickly as possible, by removing many of the common manual tasks that slow them down.  In larger operations even a few minutes shaved off a call can have a huge impact on operational costs.  What’s more, time saved means that customers are spending less time waiting and experiencing faster resolutions.  Everybody wins!

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