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Cloud Knowledge Municipal Government SoftwareKnowledge and information are akin to having money in the bank, and likewise, municipal government software keeps knowledge and information accurate and useful.  Because you reduce costs by utilizing lessons learned and documenting best practices. Having access to municipal software solutions can be a challenge; especially with local government software.

Many of us know a person who seems to have all the answers, or if they don’t have them, they will find them.  They always have wisdom and solutions up their sleeve.

The workplace is no different. Employees need the correct, useful information at their fingertips to do their jobs in the most efficient manner.  Municipal government software is an excellent tool to record, measure, and store organizational knowledge and valuable lessons learned.

In an effort to maintain vital documentation, municipal departments are drowning in paper. Take a moment to consider what is currently in your file cabinets. Now, imagine that your documents are secure in the cloud and can be searched and edited from a computer or mobile device.

Municipal Information & Knowledge Comes in Many Forms. 

Consider all of the varieties of knowledge you manage on a daily basis:

  • equipment usage
  • operating manuals
  • instructional pictures and video’s, drawings,
  • inventory lists/images
  • maintenance procedures
  • safety protocols
  • equipment work order history
  • warranty information
  • receipts
  • inspections
  • labor hours
  • unused parts
  • RFP’s
  • agendas
  • local government

Getting the information out of the file cabinets and into an easily accessible, central repository will help you and your employees find the right information in a shorter amount of time.  You reap the fruit of the municipal software solutions process and you save trees at the same time.

20 Ways Municipal Government Software Will Improve Municipal Operations:

  1. Work orders contain related procedures, materials, pictures, location information, and all pertinent data.
  2. Ability to forecast labor hours required, equipment needed, and estimated completion times.
  3. Document lessons learned, procedures, and potential hazards could be added to troublesome equipment.
  4. Easily access information on a mobile device at the job site.
  5. Maintain and access inventory at any time, from any location.
  6. Analyze and interpret all your data.
  7. Transform collected data into an advanced report that turns numbers into valuable information for staff to make data-driven decisions.
  8. Know how much money was spent every month or year on inventory, equipment, repairs, and labor.
  9. Create customized reports filtered to your specific requirements, without a fancy excel spreadsheet.
  10. Easily identify, prioritize, and justify actions to supervisors, council members, and the mayor. And automatically generate and email reports at specified time intervals to council members and department supervisors.
  11. Design custom reports helping your municipality pinpoint areas to reduce costs or make other changes.
  12. Create a PDF advanced report with a click of a mouse or export a list to excel.
  13. Assign assets with exact geolocation to work orders (i.e.-street sign, sewage drain, fire hydrants, etc.).
  14. Share data and important information with personnel from every public works department (i.e. streets, water, sewer, streets, sanitation, fleet)
  15. From the very beginning, train new employees how to find solutions to common problems by simply searching a shared documentation database.
  16. Create custom reports to allow council members to dive below the surface and understand what is happening and why.
  17. Replace paper processes.
  18. Save hours lost combing through archives and files to locate information.
  19. Sensitive information can only be viewed and updated by authorized personnel.
  20. Stop wasting 6 weeks a year making copies and searching for lost information.

What if you had Municipal Software that could do all of the above and more?  Running a city or town is hard work, from taking care of maintenance repairs to making sure citizens and council members are happy.  Suppose you only needed one flexible public works software platform to streamline your asset management, work orders, inspections, documents, and much more! Redefine your local government software.

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