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Today, more than ever, people need effective ways to track their IT, equipment, vehicles and other business assets.  On any given day we are contacted by people looking for a better solution than spreadsheet management or an inferior tool they may be using to get by.  It is easy to see why.  The costs associated with managing assets have to be considered as much as initial purchase costs.  Cloud Asset Management is a trend that shouldn’t be overlooked.

cloud asset managementEffective Cloud Asset Management:

  • Records where an item is located, as well as its location (should it be moved)
  • Keeps a history of  maintenance and problems and issues
  • Records the relationship of assets to one another
  • Provides robust asset reporting and documentation
  • Maintains the detailed service history
  • Helps schedule effective preventative maintenance
  • Ensures service and warranties are up to date
  • Triggers emails and alerts to the appropriate personnel
  • Tracks depreciation for tax purposes
  • Helps determine the best time to replace instead of repair
  • Enables better maintenance worker scheduling and decreases labor costs
  • Keeps management up-t0-date with powerful reporting at your fingertips
  • Eliminates confusing and time-consuming excel spreadsheets that are out of date before completed

A problem with spreadsheets is that they cannot do this effectively.  A web and mobile IT asset management solution allows you to keep tight control of your assets locations and other important information to effectively keep track of your equipment.  Cloud Asset Management will also help you manage life-cycle expectations to help you predict costs and control spending.  Today’s cloud solutions can make acquiring an asset management software affordable for most businesses, costing only dollars per month.

So leave the spreadsheets in accounting and bring your asset tracking to the next level with our Novo Solutions affordable cloud based IT asset management solution.

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