Knowledge Base Software

Store, retrieve and share important organizational information with Novo Knowledge Base software, your centralized online repository.

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Our secure knowledge management software provides on demand customer support, improves employee productivity and reduces operating costs.

How Can I Resolve Customer Support Issues Faster?

We can help you give customers the answers they need, and resolve issues quickly and efficiently with our customer self-service Knowledge Base software.

  • Improved efficiency
  • Quicker problem resolution
  • Convenient customer self service
  • 24/7 system access

Our online customer support resolves issues on demand andrequires only a web browser to use and administer.

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Knowledge Base Software

Where Can I Safely Store All of My Organization’s Knowledge?

Store information for customer support, company intranet, employee training, document management and more with our secure knowledge management software.

  • Fully searchable knowledge base
  • Flexible security
  • Customizable user roles
  • Authenticated views

Our Knowledge Base software is your secure, centralized repository. You define whether information is for public, intranet or private access, and set customizable user roles and authenticated views.

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Centralized Knowledge Base

How Can I Reduce Customer Support Costs Without Compromising Service?

Lower your operational costs with our knowledge management software, which reduces call volumes and allows existing support representatives to serve more customers.

  • Time saving, self-serve information
  • Reduced call volumes
  • Improved productivity
  • Faster problem resolution

Our self-serve Knowledge Base software improves customer support productivity and serves customers more efficiently while reducing costs.

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Knowledge Management Software

Is There a Way to Use Our Corporate Knowledge to Support Employees?

We can help your employees acquire job knowledge faster, reducing training time and driving higher performance and job satisfaction.

  • Faster training time
  • Higher job quality
  • Improved employee retention
  • More retained knowledge

Our Knowledge Base software not only gets employees up to speed faster, it also prevents knowledge from leaving when an employee transfers or leaves.

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Knowledge Management Support

Content Editing Features

Easily edit and format content, upload images and multimedia, add hyperlinks and more.

Flexible Security & User Roles

Features multiple access levels, customizable user roles and authenticated views.

Work Flow

Automate and keep track of approval tasks, and pre define work flows or create them on the fly.

User Feedback Mechanisms

Track article views. Rate and discuss articles and track search phrases in the Enterprise Edition.

File Attachments

Upload any file format as an attachment or searchable attachment (Enterprise Edition).


Report on article votes, and review search phrase usage and number of matching articles.

Search Quality/ Advanced Search Features

Search FULL text. Includes Natural Language and Thesaurus search engines.

KB Subscriptions

Automate subscriptions and get notified when articles are changed or added.

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The BOC Group

As part of The Linde Group, BOC Gases, with its 120-year history of customer service, today operates around the globe. Their business and reputation is built around their customers. Whatever the industry or interest, they continue to respond to its needs as quickly and effectively as possible. The ever-changing requirements of customers are the driving force behind the development of all their products, technologies and support services.

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