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The Novo Knowledge Base Software, by Novo Solutions can be used in a variety of in-house and external application settings. Our easy to use software is an ideal solution for small or large organizations who need a central repository to store information for Customer Support, Company Intranet, Employee Training, Document Management and more.

Knowledge Base Benefits


On Demand Customer Support:

Better & Faster Customer Support: provides quicker problem resolution and 24 x 7 Web customer self service


Support Agents:

Integrates with Novo Help Desk to detect assets requiring the most repair to determine replacement.


Central Knowledge Repository:

Store information for Customer Support, Company Intranet, Employee Training, Document Management and more.


Reduce Training Time:

Empower new and existing employees to acquire job knowledge faster, reducing training time and providing higher job quality.


Reduce Operational Costs:

Reduces call volume allowing existing support representatives to serve more customers.


Retain Employee Knowledge:

Prevent knowledge from leaving when an employee transfers or leaves.

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Knowledge Base Features

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Web Based, Configurable, Industry Standards
  • Completely Web Based Online Customer Support Software – only a Web Browser is needed to administer & use the system
  • Easily Accessible on your Corporate Intranet or Web Site
  • Industry Standard Architecture (MS SQL Server, ASP/ASP.Net)
  • In-House & Hosted (ASP) Customer Support Software Editions available
  • No Additional Hardware Required (can typically be installed on existing servers)
  • Utilizes Existing IT skills with minimal need for re-training
Flexible Security & User Roles
  • Access Levels: Ability to define where knowledge base articles can be viewed (Public, Intranet, Department or Private)
  • User Roles Management: allows customizable user roles so you can define what your users can and cannot do
  • Multi-Department/Group Knowledge Management: allows Knowledgebase articles to be managed at the department/group level. Each department can create and manage their own information
  • Portal views: The public view can be divided so that authenticated contacts can view only the assigned content
Active Directory/LDAP Integration
  • Maps Active Directory Groups to Departments and Roles – providing single sign on and easier user knowledge base administration
  • End User Active Directory Authentication & Search – single sign on for corporate customers/end users. Also allows searching Active Directory for customers/end users when customer support representatives add requests.
  • Built in User Authentication – complete built in User Management if Active Directory is not used
Content Editing Features
  • Robust Formatting: MS Word like toolbar allows knowledgebase article text to be easily formatted.
  • Image & Multimedia Flash File Capabilities: Uploading and inserting images and multimedia Flash files into the Knowledge Base is easily done through a built in image/flash file manager.
  • Spell Check: Has a built in spell checker within the Knowledgebase Editor
  • Tables, Hyperlinks and More: Other knowledgebase editing features include the ability to insert tables, hyperlinks and more.
File Attachments
  • Multiple Formats: Ability to upload a file of any format as an attachment
  • Searchable Attachments (Enterprise Edition): Attached MS Office and PDF documents are completely Full Text searchable
  • External Indexing: Place documents that need not be associated with articles on any network share. Configure that share to be indexed and searchable documents will be returned on Knowledge Base searches.
Content Quality Features
  • Document Routing and Approval: Ability to enable Knowledge Base editor changes/submissions to be automatically routed to an administrator before the article is publicly viewable
  • Automatic Document Archiving and Version Control: If enabled, automatically archives an article each time a change is made.
  • Article Review/Expiration: Ability to set review/expire dates for individual knowledge base articles
Work Flow System
  • Use & Benefit: In certain cases, Knowledge Base articles that have been added or changed require multiple people in various departments to approve the new or changed article. The Novo Work Flow System provides a flexible method for automating AND keeping track of these approval tasks. The benefit is improved quality and sharing of Knowledge Base articles.
  • Predefined & “On the Fly” Work flows: Ability to create work flows from a list of predefined tasks you setup or “on the fly” as Knowledge Base articles are being created.
  • Completion/Approval Paths: Ability to define work flows with various completion/approval paths.
  • Rules Based Auto Assignment: Ability to automatically assign predefined work flows to Knowledge Base articles based on flexible business rules (i.e. when an article is added to a particular category).
  • Auto Email notifications: Email notifications are automatically sent to the appropriate person or group when tasks are completed or rejected.
  • Work Flow Task “Queue”: Empowers managers to view pending task status, assignment, predecessor relationships and deadlines (with color coded due dates for past due, current, future).
Knowledge Base Search Quality Features
  • Full Text Search Capability: Searches ALL text (titles, summaries, keywords)
  • Basic and Advanced Knowledge Base Search: Ability to do a quick or advanced searching
  • Search Relevancy: Displays search results with the most relevant articles listed first
Advanced Search Features
  • Searchable Attachments: Ability to do Full Text searching of attached MS Office and PDF documents
  • Natural Language Engine: Obtain better search results by eliminating unimportant words
  • Thesaurus Engine: Allows for better search results by expanding related words
  • Search Filters: Provides the ability to use broad or narrow search filter classifications
KB Subscriptions
  • Use & Benefit: During the course of time, new Knowledge Base articles are added, others are changed. To keep administrators and end users informed of changes they need to be notified. The subscription system allows users to subscribe to articles and receive automated email notifications as articles are changed/added. The benefits are increased efficiency in managing and sharing knowledge.
  • Subscription Methods: Allows administrators and/or end users to subscribe to articles or article categories and receive notification of changes. Administrators can also subscribe other users to articles or article categories
  • Notification Time frame: Ability to set notification time frame (i.e. immediate, weekly, monthly)
Public RSS Feeds
  • Most Popular Articles
  • Most Helpful Articles
  • Recently Added Articles-Recently Updated Articles
Additional Information Access Features
  • Table of Contents: Easy to view drill down left navigation tree
  • Categorization of Knowledge Base Articles (Enterprise Edition): Allows the ability to associate knowledgebase articles to one or more search filter categories (for narrowing down search results).
  • Content Types (Enterprise Edition): Allows administrators to define broad article/document types (i.e. Policies, Technical Tips, White Papers, etc.). Searches can be performed on one or more Content Types providing more relevant search results.
  • User Defined Fields (Enterprise Edition): Allows categorization of Knowledge Base articles
  • Email Articles: 2 Click Email Article feature allows for knowledgebase articles to be emailed as attachments or hyperlinks back to the knowledge base.
  • Printer Friendly Articles: Provides the ability to view/print printer friendly articles OR complete chapters.
User Feedback Mechanisms
  • Article Hit Tracking: Ability to track number of times each knowledge base article is viewed
  • Article Rating System (Enterprise Edition): Ability for web users to rate and comment on an article’s helpfulness (and ability to trigger email notifications to authors based on feedback)
  • Article Discussion/Comments (Enterprise Edition): Blog style in line comments for users to comment on and discuss an article
  • Search Phrase Logging (Enterprise Edition): Ability to track search phrases being used and the number of articles found as a result of the search
Question Management
  • Submit a Question: If enabled, visitor questions are automatically emailed to Administrators and stored in the knowledge base for easy review
  • Basic/Advanced Reporting: List articles by a variety of different filtering options and report on popularity/votes
  • Search Phrase Reporting: Review search phrases used and number of matching knowledge base articles
  • Multiple Language Capability: Ability to create knowledge bases in different languages. Allows you to create links from your web site to the appropriate knowledge base language.
  • Translation Workflow: Allows editors to create knowledge base articles in their default language and flag them to be translated in other languages. Emails are automatically sent notifying translators of an article to be translated.
  • Time Zones: Ability to set the time zone of the knowledgebase server

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