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There has been an explosion in mobile applications for mobile devices over the past few years.  Spearheading this assault on the minds and pocketbooks of mobile users are a myriad of apps for managing most aspects of one’s personal life.   Personal apps run the gamut from those enabling the purchase of movie tickets, social networking, GPS navigation, managing multimedia, and much more.

While this explosion has undoubtedly occurred on the personal side of mobile device interaction, it seems a more sedate pace has taken place on the business side of things.  While many providers have released mobile apps for such things as Sales CRM or even GPS mapping for the dispatch of technicians, mobile applications have not become as prevalent in the business world.

The Information Economy has seen the advent of the dissolution of the difference between the private and the business realms.  The ability to do pretty much anything anywhere has seen a convergence of what we consider ‘work’ and what we consider ‘personal.’  Business apps on mobile devices may only further accelerate this convergence.

Despite potential social ramifications, developers might instead think in terms of the huge gains in productivity this enables business users and deliver more options for work related tasks.

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