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Knowledge Base software solutionBy now most people are familiar with the knowledge base software solution.  It’s a great tool for storing & retrieving organizational information.  You may be using one for storing company knowledge, or providing information on your website, or a combination of both.  Yet many people who have this everyday tool still underutilize it in the workplace.  Here are a few suggestions to get the most from your company knowledge base.

Knowledge Base Software Solution Uses:

  • Employee Training – Store forms, instruction manuals, policies, etc. to accelerate employee productivity while ensuring that proper practices are followed.
  • Human Resources – Create a central repository of general information, policies and procedures for management & employees.
  • Customer Support – Having information that customers can easily access on their own can result in huge savings for you by reducing support calls.  Product information, FAQ’s, and ‘work arounds’ are just a few of the things you can place on your web site knowledge base.
  • Disaster Preparedness – In the event of a crisis, having an off site, web-based location for important information such as insurance and licenses can be a lifesaver.  Including policies for emergencies that can be accessed remotely is essential for restoring your operations as quickly as possible.
  • IT Support – Store important information that support staff need to quickly manage requests.

Helpful Knowledge Base Software Solution Features:

  • Web Based Knowledge Base – A web-based solution allows you to use the application remotely, allowing users to gain access to it from any web browser.
  • Advanced Search – To get the most from your knowledge base ensure it is equipped with a good search as well as a good navigation tool.  It is also helpful if the application can search attachments such as Microsoft Word and pdf files.  Search filters are also a plus.
  • Work Flow – Articles that have been added or changed may require multiple people to make approvals. A work flow system provides a flexible method for automating approval tasks.  Email notifications can be automatically sent to the appropriate person when tasks are completed or rejected.

So whether you are starting out with a new application purchase or optimizing an existing solution, take a look around your operation and utilize every benefit from a knowledge base software solution.  It really will help you organize essential information in a way that will save you both time and money.