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Knowledge Management

The information age has changed the world of communication.   Just remember, it wasn’t that long ago that if you wanted to know something you had to pick up the telephone and call someone – hoping to reach them.  Now with the Internet you can communicate with friends, co-workers, and businesses – all from the convenience of your desktop, laptop, or mobile device.

This new technology has created words we never had before; knowledge base, texting, google, blogging, tweeting, etc.  In addition new jobs have been created to manage all of this new communication.

Some organizations have created entire new departments around this, while many have simply tasked specified individuals to manage certain aspects of the new technology.  Needless to say, it has greatly affected the way we all do business.

We regularly get calls from people needing a knowledge base for their organization.  They may need it so that their customers can find answers 24/7 on their company website, or for internal communication, or both.  Unfortunately because this is still relatively new, many environments or companies do not have a solid plan in place as how to manage the knowledge base.  It is a sad thing to purchase a powerful tool, but then not use it to its full capacity because of poor planning.

Here are some guidelines to have in place when building a company Knowledge Base:

  • Who is going to be able to view the information?
  • Who are the contributors?  Who will create the articles?
  • Who is responsible for reviewing content?
  • Who manages the  content  to ensure it is not out of date?
  • Who reviews suggestions from end users?
  • Who reviews the logs to learn valuable business data?  Are you getting the same searches over and over?  Maybe communication could be improved?

We get very excited when we deliver our knowledge management software to a new customer because we know that is it going to greatly save time and improve operations.   We encourage all our customers to take the time to make the most of our software solutions, as well as all new technology available today.

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